Saved by the mob


Who went to the mountains today, without a memory card in the camera? I did. And well, I didn’t go there to take pictures, but I had to do a small skiing trip since the high mountains were next to me looking so inviting. I was a bit annoyd, quite a bit actually. Then I remembered my mobile in my pocket. It is two years old and do lousy pictures, but at least I did some. To show one happy, happy dog.


It has been windy for a couple of days and it still quite cold so the snow was very hard. Good for a dog running, bad for skiing. But it was a lovely moment and we even found a ready to use open snow cave. That is a great place for a cup of coffee.




68 thoughts on “Saved by the mob

  1. i chuckled when i read the title and the first sentence-question! what a great series of photos and what a great story! i’m glad that you had backup, and the photos are beautiful, and the dog is one very happy canine!
    great post!


  2. What a happy dog ! I’ve burst into laughing.
    And what a great picture —– I didn’t noticed they were done by mob-phone.
    = and it is a serious headache to [big-camera] manufacturer. = why do we
    need to carry such heavy camera 😀


  3. Such a gorgeous pup. And very photogenic. I am always astounded by all the WHITE!!!! Crips, clean, and beautiful. Lucky you had your mobile. 😉


    1. Sorry, I forgot to tell you something yesterday about the award nomination: you may ask whatever questions you want to your nominees, you do not have to re-use the same questions. Have a great day and congratulations! 😀


  4. These are beautiful cell phone pictures! I LOVE the composition of the one of your dog resting on one side of the snow cave, with your skis positioned on the other side, and the mountain in the distance…


  5. I love the first picture. I see that your dog is happy and even if the snow is not very good, it was a good moment out 😉
    Here, it’s a spring snow, soon she will disappear.
    Good evening


  6. Sorry to hear about the missing memory card, Bente. I love the photos anyway – your phone does a good job. Had to smile over your dog lying on his back on the snow.
    I rarely take my memory card out of my camera – I download the day’s photos via cable (that came with the DSLR) and clear my memory card ready for the next day’s shooting at the same time.


  7. The hound looks like he is completely in his element, and your mobile did a pretty good job of photographing him in the challenging light of bright sunshine reflecting off snow. The second and fourth pictures are just lovely!


  8. Love the new blog layout! These are awesome – sometimes its just about the moment not the quality (:

    I get upset when I forgot my memory card in the my computer, but sometimes its a good thing, so I soak up the moment more, rather then trying to capture the perfect shot.

    Awesome blog. Awesome post!


  9. A beautiful mischievous looking dog that looks stunning in this environment with such a wonderful blue sky. And the snow is so well captured. Snow like this with all those laminated layers, blown and crafted by the wind, is my favourite type of snow. Not easy to capture because the shades are so subtle but you have done a first class job.


  10. The nightmare of a photog… No card and/or battery! (I’ve done the drained battery on an 8-hour hike!) But your dog is wonderfully blissful and happy!! Love him!


  11. Så härligt! Det är länge sedan jag var på fjellet och satt och mös på en snöbänk. Tack för goda minnen du väcker! Hunden ser hur lycklig ut som helst 🙂
    Klem! og alt godt til dae!


    1. Yes, an irish setter, and he loves to make snow angels. But this time the snow was so hard it doesn’t show. And he loves to go skiing. Ski-joring? Is that wat it is called when the dog is in front pulling?


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