Sparse forest


A couple of mountain landscapes from the last few days. From my neighborhoods. Without any skiers this time. There are more pictures in my mountains photo gallery.




53 thoughts on “Sparse forest

      1. Hadn’t thought of the similarities, but you’re right. I don’t suppose I need to add that I prefer my milder climate, though?


    1. This is about the tree line, were the forest ends before the naked high mountains. The tree line often consists of small birch trees (mountain birch), but in this area there are pine and fir trees. And you are right, no thick forest.


  1. I guess, in the summer time, it looks like a glass meadow or blacken field
    with the trees here and there (bogged ground is rather hard to walk through) —— forest ?
    Anyway, it’s a nice spread of land scape. 🙂


    1. Yes, the end of the forest, the tree line, sometimes look like this. But mountain birch is often more common as the tree line-tree. Withe the pine trees it is quite boggy in summer, but not more than you can easily walk (and walk around the worst boggy “wholes”). I don’t know about glass meadow. There will be some heather. And stones.


      1. So, it’s more like a northern Tundra —- which I had some walk when I went to the
        Nord Cap ? (North Cape), 300 km bus journey from Rovaniemi, Finland.


      2. Maybe a bit, but Nordkapp/North Cape is more dry ground and absolutely no trees. There are hardly any trees at all in the whole Finnmark county. By the way, I have not been there yet, only close.. And, did you meet Santa in Rovaniemi?


    1. Not so much the country, as certain areas. Mostly, it depends on elevation. Where I live (Colorado), and at our altitude (around 7,000 feet), we get snow well into late May. And not just a dusting; I’m talking multiple inches.


      1. You are right Disperser, also about Norway. This place the altitude is about 650 m, and in mountains like this there will be snow until late May/beginning of June. And then the rivers and landscape will be quite wet, so most people don’t start hiking before the end of June. Or July, but then you must be prepared for mosquitos. August and September is the best time in “summer”, but it depends on when the snow leaves. On he coast the snow can be sparse all year, but not this year. Bu the way, I have about 50 cm snow in my garden, and we will get more all week..


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