Coffee and ferries


I was in Oslo for a short while. Having the best cappuccino in my life, among other things. I do not normally recomnend things or places, since it might appear as advertising. But, as I said, the best. And I actually had several cappuccinos in several places during a couple of days. So I just have to say: the coffee at this place is really something. And the cake too, even if we just had a tiny one, shared, since we were going for a meal.



And the boat? It is the ferry going from the center of Oslo. Our view from the delicious coffee….. Fresh, but no snow in the city. More photos from Oslo.


46 thoughts on “Coffee and ferries

  1. Strangely, I got very little memory of Oslo itself, let alone coffee.
    —- a way from the station, Hans Viegelant (?) Sculptures Park, main Avenue with
    your King’s stature, Distant view of the Ski Jump tower, Viking Museum —–.


  2. Bente, there is way too much BAD coffee out there everywhere that GOOD coffee always deserves the shout out! Blue sky, coffee and cake, thanks for the treat!


  3. They look delicious (especially as its a long time I had breakfast).
    Very nice photo of those cakes too.


  4. Wonderful photos… 🙂

    I know the place, coffee is my great passion and livelihood for many years – perhaps your cappucino was made ​​by the norwegian champion in this discipline (Simon -. with good chances at the World Cup later this year) he works namely as a barista at the cafe… 🙂


  5. Your blog has just been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you want to accept it, please go to the rules (on my blog) and follow the instructions. Congratulations! 😀


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