The snowballs mystery


Quite a lot of you wondered why there were so many snowballs in the field on my last post. Well they are not snowballs, but silage. That is grass that is wrapped in plastic to ferment to make food for animals like cows and sheep. As you probably have found out, we have a very long winter with a lot of snow. So from September till about May-June there is no food to find outside for our livestocks. All winterfood has to be prepared during summer and stored.



Farmers used to dry grass to make hay. Now this is rare, and that is why we got these “snowballs” all over the country. We call them roundballs (rundballer) or tractor-eggs, and we even have roundball-festivals. More roundball photos.





72 thoughts on “The snowballs mystery

  1. Another lovely set of images Bente. The silage bales look rather better covered in snow than the black balls that are littered around the fields here. 🙂


  2. Wonderful! Just love that idea as I’m sure the animals do! My first job was with Sperry Corp, the company that introduced the first round hay bailer here in the US.


      1. LOL. Actually I was on the computer side of Sperry’s business but they were very proud if their hay bailers in their heavy equipment division 🙂


  3. We have them here, too. I once teased a city person visiting that we were growing marshmallows. The certainly look like giant marshmallows to me. I think she believed me!


  4. I missed the first post but I love the mystery look of the giant snow balls with virgin snow and no foot prints!


  5. Fascinating shapes of the grass feed incased in plastic. I assumed they were bales of hay in the fields, left over from summer haymaking – never realised they would be encased in plastic to ferment. Thanks for sharing Bente. I learn something new about Norway every time I read your blog.


  6. I have seen the tractor eggs in places without snow, but did not realize that they could look like large rocks under the snowcover. And that there are competitions with them! You can always learn something from a photograph. Lovely photographs.


  7. Due to the weather we have here, especially in my area, they are not stored in plastic, because the snow is rarely and in the mountains.
    They are a truly beautiful images.


  8. ! They really did look like snow balls oddly plotted about. I enjoyed your post – wonderful pictures 🙂


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