On the way to Kristiansund


I went to the coast a few days ago. Towards the small city of Kristiansund, on the coast of Norway. It was a grey and wet day, but interesting since I havent been to this places, at least not the last part. I didn’t stop much but took a few pictures along the way. The building above is the Vince Church, from 1824. Obviously getting some restoration.


Some houses or farms were old and abandoned, others not. More pictures in my More and Romsdal photo gallery.




35 thoughts on “On the way to Kristiansund

  1. Your buildings and churches have such a unique style and very attractive.
    Lovely Photos.

    (I don’t seem to be getting notifications of your new posts and I don’t know why – one of the many mysteries of my wordpress settings at the moment).


  2. Hmmm . . . the graveyard appears to be segregated . . . small and modest tombstones on one side, ostentatious slabs of marble on the other side.


  3. Gray and wet days can be so lovely – it seems the colors of the landscape stand out more when strong sunlight isn’t fading them out. Love the red buildings, the charming churches and the interesting graveyards…


  4. If I had to chose one (I Know I don´t have to 😉 ) I would chose the last one, because of its atmosphere, but I love them all…
    Cheers. Jota.


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