Cubans at Nordic Light


Going to a photography festival, you can’t get it all. There are to many lectures and exhibitions and things going on. If there is one thing I regret at the Nordic Light festival, it is not trying to find the Cuban exhibition (the exhibitions are all over the town), showing work from seven Cuban photographers and two Americans working in Cuba. Like Raul Cañibano Ercilla (to the left in the picture above) and Pedro Abascal. Both very interesting photographers who for years have been documenting contemporary Cuba.



Too late for me, who was only there two days, but at least I saw some of the cuban work at the lectures. Like the lecture of Adrián Fernández, a young photographer that studies interior portraits and decorative objects, not what you usually expect in photography from Cuba..


Absolutely interesting was also Alejandro Chaskielberg, from Argentina, who has got his own style working with moonlight and a lot of artificial light used outdoors, working all over the world. More photos from Nordic Light on this link.


22 thoughts on “Cubans at Nordic Light

  1. I am too jealous for words. Cuba is all the rage for photographers these days. Our photo club had 2 pros do presentations on it this year and both were wonderful. So much color, the old cars, the fabulous people. One of these days!


    1. There are also Norwegians having workshops in Cuba, but I have not participated, yet. I want to see more photos, but these days it is possible on the internet. Thanks Tina.


  2. Thanks for sharing these images, Bente – must be so interesting to attend a photography festival and see other photographer’s work.

    I must keep a look out to see if we have any that I could attend, although the internet is a great source of images too. Trouble is that on a computer screen you don’t get the full impact of the image or hear the photographer speak about his/her work/inspiration.

    Love that de-saturated colour image of the two photographers.


    1. Very intering absolutely. I agree with you about the possibilities on the internet, but it is different to see a lot of pictures in galleries and to hear what others have to tell, all consentrated in a short time. It is inspiration.


  3. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. I am trying to blog more often from now on, but I’ve been busy. I’m following a education for professional photographer and I hardly have any time left to make pictures on my own (and to place on my blog) or even visit others. And now I see you have a whole new look of your blog. Looks great! I will be trying to visit you more frequently again ;-).


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