Scandinavian songbirds


The birds are back, the ones that left last autumn to spend the cold months in a warmer country. Not the one above, The Blue Tit is here all the year. And actually not the other one, because the bullfinch too, stay here all year. This one is a female, which are greyish-brown, compared with the bright red-chested male. I have used a bit of textures on these pictures, and there are more in this bird gallery, which I called Scandinavian songbird. Songbird might not be scientifically correct for all of them, but these birds are giving concerts all the time right now.



42 thoughts on “Scandinavian songbirds

  1. Beautiful photos and I agree with ‘wordsfromannel’ i- they must be very tough (and resilient) to survive your cold winter.
    I love the pinkish breasted one – so pretty.


  2. I love spring when the birds return! I miss them all winter. Although where I am, we do have a few species that come south to us for winter, like the sandhill cranes. About 30,000 of them winter half an hour from my house. They go as far north into Canada and Alaska for summer, and some even into Russia.
    These two birds are beautifully captured! I so love your work.


  3. おはようございます
    此方我が庭で囀りまわている小鳥たちです ⇒


  4. I dont know if the Spring is already in your country, but I seem the little birds advertised.Here´s delayed, the rain and included the snows on the montais yet.


  5. Domherre och blåmes heter de på svenska. Jättefina bilder på båda två. Förra året flyttade en blåmesfamilj in i en hol i vår trädgård, men i år har ännu ingen flyttat in. Sjunger gör de däremot. Jag blir så innerligt glad av all fågelsång! Vet att det varar ca till Midsommar, sedan minskar det mkt.
    Koltrasten och åkerlärkan är bland mina absoluta favoriter! 🙂
    BS: blev jätteglad för dina fina kommentarer hos mig!!:-D
    Kram och allt gott till dej!


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