Spring in the high mountains


We went from winter to summer in just four days. Suddenly last weekend the temperatures were almost 25 degrees and I went to visit the mountains. The snow had just vanished, and there were only some spots left. No skiing possible. Nothing was growing yet on this altitude (about 700-800 m), but because of of the heat and the sunshine the rivers were filled with water. There is actually a devastating flood in southern Norway these days, but no problem in this district. There might have been a problem when I was crossing a small bridge, because the dog suddenly run very fast and I had to follow. I was filming with my DSLR, and we hadn’t rehearsed the crossing, as you can see in this short video.


There are some more photos from these mountains on this link. Or other pictures from this place on this link.



68 thoughts on “Spring in the high mountains

    1. Didn’t expect to run this bridge, otherwise the crossing is not a problem. Done this many times, with the dog, but not running and not filming.. And usually less water. Thanks, Steve.


    1. The music, yes, it is actually one of the free, very short pieces included in the software for editing video (Adobe Premiere Elements 11). Not much of a choice, and absolutely not accoustic. But I find it so hard to find music on the net that is free to use (don’t want to pay since this is personal work). Or, I find a lot, but the rules seems a bit confusing….


      1. It sounded good to me. Feel free to use mine for personal work anytime if you ever hear one that you like (of course I completely understand if you don’t want to!), I’d be honoured, but don’t feel obliged, it’s there if you want it. All the best, Mike


  1. Looks great ! And the video image excited me !
    (As I remember the time when we got to cross such river in the snowy mountain on bare foot !
    when the water level went up to sensitive part, everybody screamed. 😀 )


  2. Lovely landscapes. This type of treeless tundra (or whatever it’s called), makes me feel like I’m on the edge of the world. It must be an amazing experience to hike through this region.
    (my only experience of treeless landscape was up high on heath covered hillsides in northern Scotland).


    1. There is a very popular swedish song about a wide, open landscape like this, and the text says that in a place like this, the soul can rest. It is something about it. Feels very good going to the mountains, especially in such nice weather. Thanks, Vicki.


  3. Nothing quite like snow melt raging rivers in the spring. I caught my breath when the river appeared after the bridge crossing. Simply gorgeous.


    1. He is an irish setter, not a retriever, so he might have been standing on the river bank wondering what was happening, and then barking. 😉 Or, who knows. Thanks, Gallivanta.


  4. Hi Bente very beai-utiful landscape there and the temperature25°..
    Here it’s cold 8° and much rain.The worldis loosing his feeling for the world and places


    1. It was hot, then it was cold (normal in may), now it is warm again. You never know in Norway how the weather will be, but we hope for a warm summer of course. Thanks, Natuurfreak.


  5. Who, jag blev rädd att du skulle dratta i! Vilken tur att det gick bra! Härliga bilder och finfin film du bjuder på. Det känns nästan som om jag är med på fjällturen. Längtar efter en, det var ganska länge sedan! När vi åker över fjället mellan Sverige och Norge vid Riksgränsen, var det nästan lika mkt snö kvar i juni månad på fjället.
    Tyckte om målningen på stenen. Och din fina hund som är så glad över att vara med! 😀
    Kramar och som alltid allt gott till dej!


    1. Fjellet er fint, i all slags vær egentlig, og supert i sol. Merket på steinen er forresten merket til pilegrimsledene i Norge. Fjellet på bildet og i videoen er Skardøra, fjellovergangen for pilegrimmene som gikk fra Sverige til Nidaros for mange hundre år siden. Nå er det merket igjen, Romboleden. Takk, og en stor klem til deg!


      1. Vad glad jag blev att du berättade det! Visste inte ens att det finns en sådan pilgrimsled. Vad intressant!
        Ja, det är härligt att vara på fjället! 😀
        Känner mig glad att du svarade så smart!
        Kram och allt gott till dej!


      2. “Smart”, oj, det var da en hyggelig kommentar. Pilegrimshistorien, både den nye og gamle er veldig interessant. Og fjellet er jo uansett vakkert. Stor klem til deg også. 🙂


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