Stemboats and bridges


I went to the coast last weekend to see one of the summerplays performed outdoors. The weather was nice so it was a nice trip just going there.


There used to be a lot of ferries on the coast of Norway, and there still are, but there are also tunnels or bridges now connecting islands or making short cuts. Like this one that I had to cross. Skarnsund Bridge from 1991 is 1,010-metre long with a span of 530 metres, making it the longest of its type in the world for two years. It has also got prices for its architecture.



I went to see an outdoor play as mentioned. They are usually based on local history, and is quite popular in summer, as was this one, with old stories from the coast.


Then it was quite suitable to see a very old ship passing the big, modern bridge. SDS Hansteen is supposed to be the only steamship existing, a floating cultural monument from 1866, built in the period of transition from sail to steam. As you can see I added some texture to give the picture of the boat some of the “old” feeling. More pictures from Mosvik and Inderøy on this link. And from the play on this link.



48 thoughts on “Stemboats and bridges

  1. I love what you did with the streamboat image. At first I thought you had taken a picture of a picture to share. Such an interesting mix of old and new at many levels.


  2. I like the reflections in the water or lakes in your images. There never seems to be a ripple in the water and they are such perfect reflections. Nice shot of the bridge and boat too.


  3. Broen er helt fantastisk. Hvilken eleganse. Og den gamle båten er veldig pen. Jeg liker alle disse flaggene. Lurer ikke på at jeg skriver norsk. Jeg vil gjennoppfriske det litt. Ha en fin fin dag! 😀


  4. Virkelig flotte bilder, Bente. Særlig det første av broen er både elegant og dramatisk komponert. Jeg liker også måten du har behandlet dampbåten ved å legge på litt struktur/mønster.


  5. Härliga bilder, Bente! Brobilderna är läckra, men även bilderna från skådespelet gillar jag. För att inte glömma huset som speglar sig så vackert.


  6. Lovely pictures Bente. It makes me a little sad when the old boats are decommissioned, but when they are replaced with bridges like this one it’s a little easier to swallow.


  7. Wonderful, a bit of everything: something old, something new 😉
    Great architecture, people and a bright light.
    Greetings from Cologne,


  8. Your photos are so pastoral they look like they could be paintings.
    You mentioned seeing the outdoor play and it made me think of the play I saw only this week. It was an Ibsen play called Master Builder. Not as famous as The Doll House, but I was very interesting.


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