A few reindeer calves


I haven’t been to the high mountains were the majority of the female reindeers would have had calves in the last couple of weeks. But as I crossed a mountain the other day I saw this little herd, and a few calves. They are pretty newborn now, but they are growing very fast. They have too. Because in a few months it will be winter again with a harsh climate and little food. As you see it is still not much growing in the mountains. More reindeer pictures on this link.



53 thoughts on “A few reindeer calves

    1. Yes, one all white. They are not so many, most have 100 % camouflage to blend with nature. I have heard the herders say the white ones are more easily spotted by predators..


  1. They certainly seem to be making the most of the food that is there. One of the reindeer is wearing a collar? Would this be some sort of tracking device?


    1. They have started experimenting with tracking devices for sheep and reindeers, but not on these herds. This collar don’t have any gps or transmitter. It is maybe used in some experiment to see how many reindeers are killed by predators. Lynx, wolverine, eagels, and sometimes bear and wolves are a great problem for reindeer herders and there have been experiments with radio transmitters that notified as soon as an animal was killed. Otherwise it will be eaten by birds and predators in a few hours.


      1. My goodness, the reindeer have a lot of predators. In the photos in your post they look as though they are quite safe and in command of their environment. I am sure the calves are especially vulnerable.


      2. They are quite safe most of the time, otherwise they wouldn’t have time to eat. But they must be on guard all the time, just in case. And yes, the calves are vulnerable, so the herders are guarding them more than usual this time of year. From a distance not to disturb.


  2. So nice to see! They are in a hurry to eat and be prepared for the next winter! The wildlife here is having their offspring now too. New fawns and elk and moose calves every day.


  3. Great photos, Bente.
    Amazing to think your Spring/Summer season is so short. There doesn’t look much green feed for the new little calves.


  4. Very beautiful pictures. I will show them to my little children when coming home for summer holidays.
    Thanks for my eyes pleasure.


  5. Härliga bilder, inte minst på scenariot i bakgrunden! 🙂 Bild 2 är helt klart min favorit, främst för vyn runtomkring. Renkalvar är enormt söta! 🙂 Verkligen! Vilken tur du hade som fick se när du egentligen bara “körde förbi”. Det är som jag, alltid kameran med 🙂
    Kramar och allt gott till dej!


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