Wild flower day


Sunday 16th June is the Wild flower day in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Denmark was the first country to celebrate the wild plants in this way, since 1988, and from 2002 Norway and Sweden followed, and Finland the following year. Tomorrow we can choose to participate in 65 different botany walks with guides all over the country. Or we can go on our own of course. Everything is for free. And we are lucky and can walk anywere we like in nature, but not on fields and farmland. The wild flowers are lovely all over the world, so I hope you enjoy them too.

This one is a small mountain flower, Silene acaulis that I found on the Glomfjellet mountain last sunday, in the new Lákhu national park. It is called moss campion or cushion pink in english, fjällglim in Swedish, tue-limurt in danish, tunturikohokki in finish and fjellsmelle in Norwegian. Here is a link to my norwegian mountain flowers photo gallery.


46 thoughts on “Wild flower day

  1. Wild Flower Day – what a great idea. Wish we had one here and wish I was there tomorrow. Maybe i could set the ball rolling in the UK! You have some great photo collections 🙂


  2. What a marvelous idea. I love anything that might make more folks appreciate the joy of nature more. What lovely shots of such a sweet little flower. I almost prefer the shy little wildflowers more than the showy cultivated ones, but they each have their place. Thanks for sharing this beautiful tradition with us.


  3. What a pretty flower and the photos you got here,
    which I never seen even in england, nor similar one in Japan.
    And you got nice collection of wild flower photos !


  4. I love the concept of a wildflower day. In your wildflower gallery I can see that the wild flowers are a valuable food source for insects and bees. I suppose some of the plants would also be good for us to eat as well. And maybe used for medicinal purposes too.


  5. Den er veldig dus og fargen er en drøm! Det er interessant og fint at dere i Norge, Sverige, Finland og Danmark har slik dag for ville blomster. Ha en kjempefin dag!


  6. It’s a great idea to have a national wildflower day. Let’s hope the tradition will spread from Scandinavia to other countries. Austin (Texas) isn’t a country, of course, but we have the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, whose purpose is to promote native plants.


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