Midsummer Sommerfestivalen


It is time for festivals again, and this weekende it was a music festival in my village. Not as many people attended Sommerfestivalen as a few years ago, but the thousands who came (from all parts of Norway) seemed to have a great time. Even if the rain was more or less pouring down.



Petter Øien from the group Sie Gubba, Kurt Nilsen, and the great blues guitarist, Hans Bollandsås.



Dag Ingebrigtsen from the groups TNT and The Kids, and Trude Bekkavik, lead singer from the group SKA-frika. There are more pictures in my Sommerfestivalen photo gallery. Links to my posts from Sommerfestivalen 2012: About Åge and Sambandet, about DDE, Iron Maidnem and Jahn Teigen, and about Madcon.




55 thoughts on “Midsummer Sommerfestivalen

  1. Very very good photography ! —- to the musicians, to the people.
    (and you are lucky, the ground doesn’t become knee deep mud-bath 😉 )


  2. Snyggast bild är den på Dag o Trude. Bilden på de rosa klädda tjejerna tittade jag extra på. Den krävde liksom uppmärksamhet 😀
    Kramar o allt gott till dej!


  3. Looks like a great party. Your reward for the long and hard winter.
    Love the expression on the girl looking at the horse mask! Priceless! 😀


    1. I think the horse wanted a “fight” for some reaon I don’t know. This is not a place for fighting, it is a big party, and you are right about the reward, Gunta, it is needed.


  4. It is not completely night at all now, Emilie, but the sun sets at 11:30 and rises at 3. And in the meantime it is just dimmer than midday. If you cross the polar circle the sun stays up all night. This is the best time of the year, and you know the winter is the opposite, dark almost all the time…


  5. All your photos reveal a great fun party atmosphere, but the 6th photo down is amazing – great capture of the action, Bente.
    Looks like Norway makes good use of the long summer days.


      1. He was brilliant Bente. 66 years old and still a fantastic performer. My (Chinese) wife had never seen him before. She enjoyed the concert. He finished with Aqualung and Locomotive Breath.


      2. 66, that’s nothing. It just seemes a long time since I listened to Jethro Tull. Must have been a great experience, Andrew, lucky you two (and the rest of the audience).


      1. What a great photo and blog. I never tire of it. WordPress should have a widget for FAVORITE blogs. I don’t think they do?


  6. The midsummer summer festival was definitely huge.
    What I most like on the photo’S is the colourful Caravan.
    Too awesome.Also all your photo’s to have succeeded, I have a beautiful Tag.Wie is your name worth?I wish you a beautiful Monday.
    Andrea sends warm greetings to friends


  7. We have a music festival in Milwaukee Wisconsin called Summer Fest around our independence Day, July 4th. We used to go, but it has gotten a bit too crazy and they don’t showcase the same music anymore. Sad. Looks like yours was fun though!


  8. Super fun photos! The first picture is awesome, the girl with the yellow hat and pretty nails competes it (: The little camper is adorable & I like the ladies in pink too!


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