Láhku – a new national park


Láhku is a new national park in Norway, established in December 2012. It is in Nordland, quite far north, and the most special about this park is the geology and the botany. I went there on my trip up north earlier this June, and only for a short stay.


The mountain Glomfjellet has the largest area of alpine karst in Scandinavia. Karst is a geological formation shaped by dissolution of a layer, or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock (limestone or dolomite) or gypsum. It can also be weather-resistant rocks such as quartzite, according to Wikipedia. Map and more information (norwegian) on geoportalen.no.



There was still some snow on this mountain, Glomfjellet, and melting snow means theat the mountain flowers are in a hurry too bloom and make seeds since the summer is so very short. The geology here makes the flora very rich, but many of the plants flowers so early that not many people see them. I was lucky, since there were many mountain flowers around.


The White Dryas (Dryas octopetala, reinrose).


The Purple Saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia, rødsildre).


The Alpine Rock-cress (Arabis alpina, fjellskrinneblom).


This is a mountain Primula, either a Primula Scandinavica og Primula stricta. The first one can only be found in Norway and Sweden.


The Mountain Azalea (Loiseleuria procumbens, greplyng). And others. Láhku is from the indigenous sami language and means something like a plateau high in the mountains. There are more pictures in my Láhku photo gallery, and in my mountain flowers gallery.


69 thoughts on “Láhku – a new national park

    1. When I was in northern Norway on summer solstice day to see midnight-sun,
      it was a bit of sleet and I was shivering.
      Then young local girl went on bicycle wearing half sleeve T-shirt.
      That is their Summer !


      1. Hahaha, you are so right Yoshi. We think the summer is there when the snow is gone and the sun gives us a glimpse. No matter the temperature. And yes, Anneli. Chilly and wet. But not that bad weather for photographing small flowers. These mountain flowers are really small..


  1. Lovely flower images.
    The wavering lines on the rock in the B & W image look very interesting.


  2. Beautiful photos !
    And beautiful landscape though, —- all over your country,
    the land scape in the summer, more or less looks like this, isn’t it ? 🙂


  3. You bring wonderful and absolutely amazing photos from this new national park. I’ve never heard about the fact that Norway got a new one. But know I know and I’ll check out some facts about it. The terrain looks so very interesting. Maybe this could be a place for our next Norway trip. Thanks for sharing these beautiful landscape with us! Ha en kjempeflott dag! 😀


  4. Nature can be wonderful and it is all there to be photographed; huge expanses of landscape down to tiny wild flowers; all mesmerising. Keep up the good work!


  5. So nice to see you finally enjoying some summer. The flowers can’t be quite as extravagant in that climate, but I bet they’re all that much more appreciated.


  6. Gorgeous photos Bente and it is reassuring that some areas are still being given NP status and presumably added protection. Here it goes the other way with Conservation Areas and Green Belt being rezoned so developers can make money. Greed wins every time in HK sadly.


  7. It’s interesting that such a beautiful wilderness area has only just become a national park. Was there some lengthy debate about whether it should be a protected area? I am glad that it is a national park now.


  8. These flowers are so beautiful & a tough bunch! I’m sure the weather & the amount of light are not friendly to plants. But life will always find a way. You’re making me add Norway to my traveling bucket list!


  9. I love all these images – especially the Azaleas. Some of the images in the associated galleries show some very successful abstract rock formations. Lovely set Bente.


  10. Mycket vackert! Det känns som ett nytt “måste” – definitivt. Var exakt ligger detta område? Mycket långt norrut, tydligen, men nog måste det gå att komma dit från Sverige också.


  11. Jag tittar lite i oordning och hittar de mest härliga bilder var jag än tittar. Landskapet, klipporna, blommorna, så vackert!


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