Dreaming of horseback riding


I really wish I could have gone horseback riding in the Norwegian mountains right now. I did a few times, and always wants to go back.




Most of these pictures are from meeting the riders when I was in the mountains for other reasons. And most of the times the riders were led by Dyrhaug Ridesenter, that is the Dyrhaug family who have organized riding trips in the Norwegian mountains for more than 30 years. On the picture below I was myself one of the gang, but only for one marvelous day.



People come from many countries to go riding in the wilderness for a week or a weekend. Some again and again, like the Swedish actor Kim Anderzon in the picture above. She told me she have had a lot of horses at home, but still she have to go riding in the mountains. The picture is from Schulzhytta, one of the many cabins owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association, and often used by riders. The first pictures are riders from the icelandic horse organization in Mid-Norway. And by the way, most people riding in these mountains use icelandic horses. They are small, tough and beautiful. More pictures in this photo gallery. And many more in this photo gallery from Tydal. Also from Patrusli Gaard who is another family that provide mountain riding in this area.


Dyrhaug ridesenter, Ramsjøhytta.  Foto: Bente Haarstad



69 thoughts on “Dreaming of horseback riding

  1. More I come here, more I want to discover the Norway in summer and winter. I love the great landscapes and the feeling of freedom. I dream every time I come on your blog. Thank you for sharing.


  2. As I was reading your lovely post, I was wondering if these were Icelandic horses. I had the opportunity to interact with the horses when I was in Iceland and I found them to be a charming breed. I noticed their gait is a bit different than horses we have in the US — not as much bouncing. 🙂


  3. What a glorious place to ride! One time I got to ride ranch land in Montana. It was so very beautiful. I wanted to do it every day. But sadly it was a one-time event. It was about 35 years ago and I still remember the joy I felt and the beauty I saw. Thanks for this post that gave me my beautiful memory.


  4. These small Icelandic horses look lovely, particularly their mane floating in the wind as in your first picture. I saw them roaming freely along roads in Iceland. Exciting sight! Thanks for reminding me such pleasant memories!
    Have a sunny WE,


  5. Bente, ironic that you should post this now. My wife and I have just, today, been planning on a 6 day ride with our horses in the Drome region in France, for September. Martine did a 500Km trek last year that took in part of this region and it was truly beautiful. She has wanted to go back there ever since. So we are just getting the Gite Equestres sorted now. She will be riding a conemara/TB cross, and I will be on an Irish Cob. Both are used to the terrain now.
    Your photos are raising the excitement levels here 🙂


  6. what beautiful country to get away on the animal made for riding thru Heaven with – the horse
    we have Icelandic horses here in Carmel Valley where i live -and yes – they have a very smooth movement and cover ground quickly for such a small horse – it matters not the size nor breed of a horse – when you are astride them you are closer to Heaven and if you listen – you can hear the Gods at play with the winds and elements
    very nicely done photo essay – horses will always be my favorite subjects – and companions
    thank you Will


    1. Riding thru Heaven, what a beautiful expression. That is how it is. I know you know. Bless you companions and favorite subjects. Thanks a lot, Will, and I agree so much about that smooth movements.


  7. Looks like a lot of fun, Bente. It is a beautiful setting for riding and image number 4 really has so much to explore and enjoy. The black and white treatment is very well done.


  8. Superb post ,horse ridding is great sport and enjoyment.The nature is breathtaking..Thank you for liking my post (the Arab Women…)Have a great day.jalal


  9. We have horseback rides out on the beach. Quite different from riding in the mountains (I’ve done that, too) and it’s all good fun. Hope you get to do it again soon.


  10. This must be a phantastic way to discover the landscape and nature in a very comfortable pace. Lovely horses and beautiful photos, especially the monochrome ones. Ha en fantastisk helg! 😀


  11. Very well captured, wonderful atmosphere – horses are such amazing animals – I rather ride a horse than my bike when I “gone mounting”, but it’s more easy to get a bike in the car than a horse… 🙂


  12. What a great post, especially the last photo of the signposts.
    I never would have imagined that one would go horse riding in Norway. Somehow I always think of skiing, sleighs & reindeer in winter, and hiking in summer. Such beautiful scenery to ride through too.


  13. That final photograph is remarkable, Bente. A photograph full of stories, and beautiful!
    It would be an amazing experience riding there – I hope you get another opportunity.


  14. Det är fantastiskt att rida islandshäst i terräng. Så kul! Jag har oxå bara gjort det EN dag. Det var en finfin dag, vi red inne i gammal storskog som gjorde alla ljud dämpade och mjuka. Min farmor hade dött en vecka tidigare, och det var nog första gången jag log efter hennes död. Jag tjöt av skratt också. :-)Vi har Kullaberg i Skåne där det är kuperat och man ofta rider, men jag red i inlandet..i Smålands södra delar 🙂
    Varmt tack för helt underbara bilder! De fick mig att le!
    Klem og alt godt til dae!


  15. What an amazingly beautiful pictures you make… I especially like these being an Icelandic horse owner (Fengur is with me for already 26 years!) but i am very much mooved bij all of your work. And honoured that you visited my little blog!!


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