Music in the mountains


There are so many music festivals in Norway these days, so it is hard to choose. But my favorite is maybe Tydalsfestivalen, going on in the mountain village of Stugudal in Tydal with only 80-90 inhabitants. This weekend there were thousands of visitors. All behaving well, more or less.



It wasn’t as cold as it can bee, that is almost freezing temperatures at night. But it was raining almost all weekend. Nobody seemed to care that much.



The only foreigner playing, the Swedish veteran, writer, poet, songwriter, composer, musician and artist, Ulf Lundell.


Violet Road is a folk and rock band from the city of Tromsø far up north. I had heard a lot about them, and they didn’t dissapoint. Great band with the four brothers Håkon, Hogne, Halvard and Herman Rundberg, and Kjetil Holmstad-Solberg.


Prepple, the lead singer in the rock band DumDum Boys. There are more pictures in my photo gallery from Tydalsfestivalen 2013.


38 thoughts on “Music in the mountains

  1. Looks like a great festival and lots of fun.
    Love the green caravan – most unexpected among the other images.


  2. Hey Bente,I just came back from Madagascar and while I whas there I was sometimes able to check my mail. I saw your flying by, as I said before; it’s really good! For the first time I have tried to make a kind of reportage of my visit there. And oh my, there is such a difference between night and day and stills and moovements…something I find all together in this post.

    It’s just great to see what you love doing best!
    kind regards,


  3. Det ser ut som om det var kul! Ja, Ulf Lundell är fortfarande bra. Fin whiskyton i rösten. Vi har Sofiero slott där det anordnas sommarkoncerter, var där för ett par år sedan och lyssnade på Paul Pott och Linda Lampenius. En upplevelse! Numer går jag sällan på koncerter, för jag har problem med huvudvärk sedan en bilolycka.
    Klem og alt godt til dae!


  4. hello Bente,
    a festival in the mountains. what a nice idea!
    here in Austria we only have concerts and clubbings in our skiing regions during winter time. but no festivals (or i didn`t get it :D)
    thanks for taking a photo of the trailer. the slogan “love and peace and all that shit” gave me EVERYTHING 😀
    nice greetings from Vienna!


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