We got sunshine!


I just have to make a post about the weather because we just got sunshine after weeks of rain and cold temperatures. The middle part of Norway have been very unlucky this year with just a few glimpses of the sun in May and June, and rain all July. Almost. The weather changed completely after the weekend, and this luxury is going to last for some days at least. Everybody are happy.

The pictures are from lake Selbusjøen today. The 17th largest lake in the country. All the kids were swimming. I tried the fresh water untill my knees. It was lovely that way. A few more pictures from this lake in this gallery.


47 thoughts on “We got sunshine!

  1. What a beautiful, serene lake it is! Your images are superb. So glad you’re finally getting that sunshine. I would gladly give you a bit of ours!


  2. Happy summer Bente! We’ve been hot now since early March. In fact we head north to get a bit cooler. Don’t you just love the feel of warm sunlight 🙂


  3. Good morning
    Beautiful sea, is I would like to like to bathe.
    You too??
    Have a good day,
    Greetings Andrea sends you


  4. Gorgeous !! Maybe that’s why I live somewhere with 4 seasons. I appreciate the summer more. … Nah, can’t get my hubby to go anywhere else. Ha!


  5. Those wonderful blue shades. I wish I could send you some more sunshine. We almost have too much of it now, at least it’s too humide.
    Greetings from Cologne, Franka


  6. Stunning photos as always! Maybe I can visit one day until then you can send some rain our way! For the Pacific Northwest it’s been a very dry July.


  7. Hello Bente,
    It’s so good to have the sun. it’s the same thing here, we must take advantage. i’m at work and when i see your photos, i want to swim in this lake 🙂 good day to you.


  8. Beautiful photographs. I’ve just come back from a day on Lake Carcan/Hourtin with daughter and grandchildren – absolute bliss; water temperature 28 degrees!


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