The friendly goat


The problem with summertime, when everything is happening more or less at the same time, is too many pictures to sort and edit. So just one picture this time. It is from the historical market at the Olavs Festival. The goat was very friendly and very popular by the children. And others. I liked him too. There are some more pictures from my Olavsfestdagene photo gallery.

31 thoughts on “The friendly goat

  1. All the photos are beautiful. That little girl is adorable. I guess those are soaps in the gallery pix. I’ll bet they smell wonderful. Great costumes. But the girl… Too cute.


  2. Only one picture, perhaps, but a very good one, full of kindness and lovely feelings. I like it
    Thank you, it’s very pleasant to begin a busy day!


  3. I would love to have some goats so I don’t need to now the lawn anymore! ha! I was looking at the gallery. . 2 questions. . What is on the apples? Sugar? On the cheese plate, there is a blue sliced item. .. what is it? Thank you!


    1. It is sugar on the apples I am quite sure. Maybe dipped in boiling sugar and rolled in sugar? I was going to taste, but didn’t happen. I think the sliced items you have seen are all soap. Very popular soap made by nuns from Tautra Mariakloster, a monastery outside town. Thank you, Plant Girl.


  4. I am impressed so much… What a great looking of them… It is something like a fairy tail… I fall in love dear Bente, if you don’t mind I will make it reblogged again, Thank you, love, nia


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