Calendula – The golden garden


A garden in an arctic country takes a long time to bloom, but at last it will happen. These days even the marigold, the calendulas, have started to bloom. And they look very good. I know from Wikipedia that these flowers are native to southwestern Asia, western Europe, Macaronesia, and the Mediterranean. In my place they don’t grow in the wild. I have to put new seeds every spring, and wait. As you maybe know, marigolds are not only pretty, they are edible too. There are a few more in my photo galleries.




59 thoughts on “Calendula – The golden garden

  1. By the way, virtually all the Compositeae are edible. (as long as you appreciate its strong flavor 😉 )
    Absinthe, Dandelion, etc. In Japan a kind of Chrysanthemum called “Shun-giku” is essential ingredient of “Sukiyaki”.
    And in fact, Lettuce was derived from cousin of Dandelion !


  2. They are edible and they are also healing herbs.
    Here in Catalonia, the government has banned their harvest because they were wiping out.
    Beautiful photos, as always!


  3. I was thinking of your beautiful photos today & realized my feed reader isn’t alerting me as it should! Hope I can fix it, but meantime, how beautiful these photographs of calendula are. The photos glow with their gold, and with you, I know that’s no accident!


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