The best medieval riders


There used to be knights tournaments in Norway in the Middele Ages, as in other European countries. The last known tournament was held outside the Archbishop’s Palace in Trondheim in 1450. The last years there have been tournaments again during the Olafsfest, and also this year, when I took these photos. I find these chivalrous competitions quite interesting and the participants in the mock fights are very good riders. Among them the group Ordo Ignis who gather knowledge about clothing, weapons, equipment, combat and jousting as it was in Norway about 1200-1500.



Most of the knights are Norwegians, but there are some guests from other countries. The rider on the picture below is Jarosław Struczyński, a veteran from Poland. Jarek led the reconstruction of Gniew Castle from 1992 and since then it has become one of Poland’s leading center for historical re-enactment and culture of ancient traditions. The picture is from this year’s tournament in Trondheim, with the Nidarosdomen cathedral in the background.



In the picture above is the knight Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell, and in the one below, knight Ivar Mauritz-Hansen. Both from Norway. There are more photos in my gallery from the tournament.


39 thoughts on “The best medieval riders

  1. Sitting in the Bogota airport, i was swept away by your photos! Wow! it’s like removing lifetimes and lifetimes from today’s life!

    Ivar shows total mastery of the horse and his ease w/the horse. that is a great photo, and it makes me smile! z


  2. Great shots (especially the B & W ones).

    The knights with their helmets off actually look the part of a medieval knight. Don’t know whether it’s the Norwegian facial shape or the long hair and beard.

    Thanks for sharing. (I’d see nothing like this here in Australia).


  3. We have the renaissance fair here… They joust, bird shows, big turkey legs to eat. Fun stuff. But no castles here. 😦


  4. I never knew you have such knight tournaments in Norway. It’s very interesting and a little bit strange to see, because I’ve never related knights to Norway. 😀


  5. The knights look strong and handsome and the horses are magnificent. We have a place here in the states that puts on ‘shows’. I’ve been once and it’s pretty amazing. I’m sure nothing in comparison to what is held there. Great shots.


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  7. Tokigt snygga bilder! Särskilt när du har Nidarosdomen i bakgrunden, det stämmer så väl ihop med tidsandan för riddarna. Jag kommer med största sannolikhet att komma tillbaka och titta på dessa bilder igen!
    Klem og alt godt til dae!


  8. These are incredible images Bente. They literally have taken me back in time and I feel as if we were in medieval times. Are they truly knights? The scenery you get to enjoy in life is truly remarkable and you share it so well.


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