Porcini and the Fly Agaric


I try to go to the mushroom forest as often as I can in September, and the mushrooms above are among my favorites. The brown one, the Boletus (or porcini in Italian), because it is one of the best to eat. The red ones because they look so nice. But the red Fly Agaric is very poisonous, so make sure you never eat one. Even if they say that the Vikings ate them to get in the mood before fights. It is more probably they make you vomit, or feel real bad. They are also carcinogenic. So don’t put these in your bascet, just admire. There are more pictures in my mushroom photo gallery. Most of my photos can be bought and downloaded, from 1 dollar for personal use.




43 thoughts on “Porcini and the Fly Agaric

  1. I love boletus mushrooms. The fly agaric are pretty, but I don’t even touch them in case the poison gets on the good mushrooms I pick. They make great photos though. The ones in the basket look so perfect!


    1. The fly agaric is very pretty, and I usually don’t touch it either, and I certainly don’t put in in my basket together with the ones I am going to eat. Thanks, Anneli.


  2. Lovely mushrooms, Bente. I wish I could find some of the Fly Agarics here, but I only find the brown and yellow Amanitas. Looks like someone, maybe a slug?, took some nice bites. They must be immune. 🙂 I will post some of mine for you one of these days.


  3. Those brown mushrooms in the basket look amazing. They’re so big too – I’ve never seen anything remotely like them here in Australia.


  4. Har också varit ute flera gånger och plockat Karljohan svamp. Även närbesläktade soppar som tegelsopp, blodsopp och brunsopp får följa med hem i korgen. Kantarell är favoriten ändå. För två veckor sedan skulle vi plocka karljohan igen, men då var de flesta övermogna. Kanske de kommer på nytt. Som kantarellen, det finns både sommar och höst.
    Oavsett, jag gillar att plocka svamp! Och jag tycker att din bild är ursnygg!
    Kram och allt gott till dej!


  5. Those are some size of cèpe. I was talking to my neighbour tonight and he says they will appear here ten days after we have heavy rain and then some warmth i.e. this Wednesday. There will be a mass rush to the woods on Wednesday morning around here. The fly agaric are very pretty, very useful for fairies to sit on.


  6. The Fly Agarics are, of course, the magic mushrooms of the ’60s which people used to get high. The high lasts for several days though and you have to only have a very small amount indeed of the mushroom! We have a lot of boletus here and I’ve tried them but I wasn’t keen on them…


    1. The Fly Agarics is said to have been used by the Vikings, and other peoples of the North. I believe you are thinking about Psilocybe, which was used in the 60s and 70s, and occationally even today I guess. Haven’t tried any of them and I never will, but they both belong to the fantastic world of mushroom. And I love boletus, try another recipe. Thanks for your comment, Mountincoward.


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