Autumn in Rondane National Park


It is autumn and our nature is changing, preparing for winter. That means a lot of strong colours in the plants and the deciduous trees, before they all fell off or wither. These pictures are from the middle of September in Rondane national park. I also made a post just after my visit last year. These photos are slightly more edited. There are more photos in my photo gallery from Rondane.


The mountain Digerronden seen from Dørålseter in the early morning. With fresh snow on the mountain tops.



82 thoughts on “Autumn in Rondane National Park

    1. It is possible to go hiking between these mountains for days, sleeping in mountain cabins. I want to do that some time. This time it was only photographying, which you know is also very interesting. Thanks, Karen.


  1. The photo with the mountain face highlighted by a dusting of snow is my favorite here, but the gallery has many ground-level photos that I like more. nasjonalpark-4 is especially rich in textures, and atndalen-2 is a nicely composed reflection (not that the others aren’t). bl-2, as a blending of water, land, and sky, is also nicely framed.


  2. Stunning images, Bente.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Seems so strange to see these beautiful Autumn colours as we are going into Spring here in Australia.


  3. Fantastic park with such wonderful scenery, Bente. Your images do it fine justice. My friend Sandra is in Norway now, but at the coast photographing the sea and northern lights. She should visit central Norway too. 🙂


  4. simply stunning, breathless… I was there 2 years ago! I miss Norway sooo much… 🙂 Have a great day and good luck in all your endeavours! Cheers, Mélanie


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