October pale


Just a few pictures from some straws I saw down by the river the other day.  Plants wither and the colours fade now when nature prepares for winter. But there is still much interesting to see through a macro lens. It was not so easy to take these, handheld, and holding a dog on a leash. So the iso is a bit high…



92 thoughts on “October pale

  1. Lovely.
    Hard to catch what reflects in a water droplet with a handheld shot. You’ve done really well, Bente.


  2. Beyond gorgeous photography … and I understand the dog-on-a-leash reality, too. They don’t care about the perfect focus, there’s a smell nearby they need to explore! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Even if pale it wlooks wonderful. It seems as if autumn has two different colour pallettes: the pale one and the fiery one. They are both beautiful.
    Kind regards, Franka


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