Two from the reindeers


I have been to visit the reindeer herders in the mountains. That means I’ll have a lot of work to do, sorting and editing pictures. The one above is a calf, straight from the camera.


33 thoughts on “Two from the reindeers

  1. OH YAY it’s getting to be reindeer season again. Your Blog made such an impression on me last year! I showed it to at least 10 people.


  2. Beautiful images. They certainly don’t need editing, but I imagine you’re like me and like to tweak them a bit here & there.
    That 2nd image would look good in B & W too.


  3. Vill sĂ„ gĂ€rna trycka gilla flera gĂ„nger! Underbara bilder!! Önskar mig en möjlighet att trĂ€ffa renar sĂ„dĂ€r en gĂ„ng. Har ju sett mĂ„nga, sĂ€rskilt i norrland nĂ€r jag reser till slĂ€kten i nordnorge. Men, inte sĂ„dĂ€r nĂ€ra liksom.
    Bamsig kram och allt gott till dej!


  4. Beautiful creatures and so well captured 🙂 We have a few here – up in Scotland in the Cairngorms – and also one in the forest near me (Cumbria or the English Lake District).


    1. Reindeers are not native to Scotland (or at least not since closer to the Ice Age), but I know there are some there. Some kind of reindeer farm or wildlife park in or close to the mountains. I tried to find out more, but never got an answer on my email.


      1. They actually keep them up on the mountains – they get plenty of sandwiches from the walkers 😉

        They do have a reindeer ‘centre’ down in the village where they keep a few of the herd for tourists to see and feed them – those that can’t manage the walk up into the mountains I think.


      2. That is good. Reindeers are made for mountains and cold climate. Any summer heat is bad for them, and it make me very sad when I see photos of reindeers in a zoo, where it is definitely will be too hot for them, and no way to roam.


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