Sunset on Facebook


I made a Facebook Page a while back, for posting some of my pictures. In addition to the possibilities for Likes and Comments, more or less like on a WP blog, I can also see how many have looked at any of the pictures there, and it is kind of a surprise some times. The picture above almost ended in the bin. Instead I did a littel more editing than usual and posted it. Wow, strange thing: more people have looked at this one than more or less all the others. So does it mean I should pursue sunsets and bright colours? No, not at all, that is usually not my interest. But, it is interesting to get this kind of feedback. All kind of feedback. I guess that is why we have a blog? You are all welcome to my Page:

Here links to some of my blogging colleagues on Facebook: Mattias L. Photos, Callie C. Photography, Livia Mihaela Firincă Photography,


This one is a less edited picture from the same place (almost) as the one above. All these are from when I left the reindeer herders the other day.


66 thoughts on “Sunset on Facebook

  1. Lovely images, Bente.

    Interesting how many viewers one gets when one posts a brightly coloured image. I started taking photos with the colour saturation slider moved up one notch on my DSLR earlier this year and I noticed I am getting lots more viewers, so I kept it up.

    Like you, I prefer a ‘natural’ looking photo, but I also like getting more viewers – the viewers won. Have been thinking of starting another blog just for B & W and/or one for pale subdued de-saturated colours. I like the look.

    I think that’s why I like all the photo blogs of Norway, Finland & northern wintery scenes – I much prefer the softer light (than we get here in Australia which is very harsh & glaring).


    1. I am from a documentary tradition, and hardly edited before. Now the world is changing, the equipment, and me too. So I experience a bit, when I have got the time. Editing takes time. It is interesting to see different results, and also if there is a respons of some kind. So thanks a lot, Vicki, for your interesting comment.


  2. Liked your page on FB, Bente. Sometimes there is no explaining why people like a shot so much that is not our favorite, yet don’t respond to one that we do think highly of.


  3. I never join SNS so, I’m not a knowledgeable insider to analyze the situation, still
    as far as I know, net sphere, SNS sphere is very different from the general world.
    So does the taste to see the photos, —– in metaphor, they are the people who loves
    the fun in “instagram” = the same extent, nobody take serious about “the friendship” in the facebook.


    1. I didn’t know SNS before, that is in english, but I googled and found “A social networking service is a platform to build social networks “. Like Facebook. there are all kinds of people and subjects there. Serious, and absolutely not. Thanks for your comment, Yoshizen. (Tell me when/if you are on FB 😉 )


  4. I’m often surprised at reactions I get to some images that I wasn’t all that thrilled with. Same reaction as you describe when there isn’t much comment on ones I thought were better. Vive la difference! eh? Your edited shot edges into more of an art form than documenting the scene. Each has its own place in the scheme of things. Personally, I do prefer color to rather dull black and white.


  5. I debated adding a page in facebook, (I have a couple of neglected ones in G+), but that’s a less controlled forum than the blog. Also, It’s never clear to me as to who ends up owning the content. Plus, there may be instances where FB can use the user’s content.

    I tried locking all that down as much as I can, but like I said . . . not sure of how it all currently sits. So far I just post to my timeline (links back to my blog). Same goes for Twitter.

    Nice photos, by the way.


    1. I am not sure either, Dispenser. But I am quite sure you and me own the copyright on our photos, but FB sure can use the pictures in some ways. I was evaluating this too for a long time, and still don’t post my best photos (I think). I am not on twitter, yet, I am afraid it might be neglected.


  6. I like the less edited picture many times more… but I think that the fact the sunset one got so many hits, not necessarily means it was more liked, don’t you think? It is as you are drawn first to something that stands out (by colour or form) and you automatically look at it (click on it to see have a good look in this case) but then decide that other less coulorfull/dinstinct pictures may be prettier.


    1. Yes, you might be right. We are of course drawn to somethin that gets our attention in some way, if we like it or not. And still others might be more interesting or better. Thanks, Noortje.


  7. Sunset and sunrise are popular but there is so much more to see in the world ;-). Just keep doing your own thing, that’s what makes you you.
    And thank you for visiting my other blog I know this blog about my pilgrimage is in Dutch (because for me it’s a lot of work to translate everything). So I really appreciate that you visit it….to watch the photos I guess ;-). If you want more info about my pilgrimage then just ask me 😉


    1. I am very interested in the pilgrim traditions, Yvonne, and we have some trails around here too. So I will follow, at least to study the photos. Thanks for you great comment.


  8. It is interesting to see which of your works is the popular one. For me, it’s a post about a camping location, Illinois State Beach Park. It’s a popular place, but no one has written about it. I get the traffic by lack of other info.
    I do like this photo, but I’ve liked others of yours better… just being honest! 🙂


  9. That’s a great idea to have a Facebook page! I might have to look into that! I like that you can see what pictures people look at more than others! I love your photography, I’ll have to find you on Facebook 🙂


  10. sunset and sunrise are popular and thankful motives…
    i prefer the third one, that´s a really pretty one!
    you took nice pics, i should check out your facebook page!


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