Three times autumn


I am no good in throwing pictures away, and that is a bad habit since I am taking a lot. The picture above nearly ended in the bin (good girl), but then I thought “maybe I can use it? Or at least I can see what will happen if I try to fix it.” Voila: much better:


I am using Lightroom, so I can bend the picture quite a lot without distroying it, actually in LR the original is never destroyd. It is always there as it was taken, and I can do as many changes I want. Usually I don’t do that much, but sometimes I add some effects from a onOne software, Perfect Effects. And this is how it came out this time. The picture is from the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago.



78 thoughts on “Three times autumn

  1. Strange to say, but I like the original the best. I love the ‘soft’ light and the magic of that time of day.
    In fact that’s what I like best about photos from Norway, Finland and the far north………the light.


  2. At first glance, I thought You stayed in the same place half an hour waited sun-set.
    (and took 3 pictures with different lighting condition) I got P’Shop though I really use,
    instead, I’m using Picasa which came with Google. = It seems good enough to tinker the photo.
    (Anyhow I’m not a good fan of digital process since one of my friend is an expert working
    for the printing farm and seeing his incredible manipulation, I lost interest to do it myself. = Ask them 🙂
    Because of the demarcation of each profession —– photographer, graphic designer, digital technician.)


    1. That was an interesting way of seeing it, but no, I was there just a short time.. 😉 And I know what you mean about experts. I had Pshop for years and years and hardly used it. I didn’t havce time, others were so good at it etc., but with Lightroom I feel more happy because the archive function is so handy I have to use it, and then I learn small by small. Thanks, Yoshi.


  3. I know exactly what you mean . . . I’ve been trying to be better about it, but I still keep stuff with the idea of “doing something” with it.

    The thing is, the tools now make it possible for great latitude with many shots that used the be destined for obscurity.

    Lightroom is definitely something everyone should have. Beyond that, onOne Suite, the Topaz Suite, and DxO optics have all had a hand at rescuing photos I love but I had messed up.

    No offense to people who use the word, but when you see a “natural” photo, you are looking at the equivalent of unfinished business, especially if the photographer is shooting RAW and if, like me, have all the automatic adjustments off or minimized.

    The truth is that most photos people love, like, or rave about, are more the vision of the photographer than a reflection of reality.


    1. I am glad to know I am not alone collecting everything, and too much. It took some time to understand that raw files have to be worked on. That means I should look at thousands and thousand of pictures. Thanks for thoughtful, interesting comment.


  4. My favorite is the second one (but for my own pictures I always prefer contrasted tones).
    But the third one is interested too.
    The first one can be a photo , in my opinion, that anyone can do…
    Have a great day


  5. I don’t know anything about processing so what you have done with the picture in Lightroom is really fascinating for me. What a wonderful autumn image for you to keep of your area. Not for throwing away.


  6. No 2 or No 3…..two different interpretations and both good. I am currently trying the Perfect Effects Beta version of Suite 8 due next month. Has some distinct workflow benefits as well as those tweaks that always seem to move things along a bit more.


  7. Phantastic. You fixed the photo very well and the last one looks like an old painting, could be Turner 😉
    Greetings from Cologne and the valley of little river Ahr.


  8. Only the absolute failures end up in my bin, Bente. We never know what future software upgrades might be just what we need to salvage a potentially useful image.
    You did a nice job with the final process although the second would be my preferred.


  9. Thank you for explaining some of the fancy-smansy stuff you photographers can do now! I would love to see more of these before and after. I was in printing many moons ago when we used film and you’d have to tape it to large layout sheets to line things up. That job title was ‘stripper’! Ha! I love telling bfriends, ‘yes, I’m a stripper’ BOY we’re they disappointed! Anyway, we finally went digital and I used Photoshop, cuz that’s all there was. I’ve not really done anything since, so it’s nice to see the technology used by someone that can do it so well 😉


  10. Hej Bente. Det er dejligt, du deler dine oplevelser og viden med os. Jeg tror, at hvert enkelt billede kunne være autentisk, afhængig af vejrtype og tid på dagen. Alle billederne er meget dejlige, på hver sin måde 🙂
    Mange hilsner til dig,


    1. Er nok litt enige i deg i det. Kan til og med se noe positivt med det første, som er undereksponert. Interessant å prøve litt forskjellig, og se responsen. Tusen takk, Hanna, mange hilsner til deg også.


  11. I’m going through your pictures and I just love them. Been in norway last year, we loved the silence and raw nature. So i just love your pic’s. will visit you more often. Have a good new year.


    1. I find LR very helpful, both for keeping tracks of my photos (with keywords) and for editing. And it is easy to use, if you just get an introduction (book, workshop etc) to how to do it, and how to organize it.


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