Golden times gone


The autumn colours are almost gone, and they left almost before I got the chance to photograph them. At least I didn’t spend as much time outside on this as I wanted, but still I am not finished working on them at my computer. Here are a few. And there are more in my photo gallery of autumn colours.



54 thoughts on “Golden times gone

  1. Lovely shots, Bente.
    Seems a shame that you see the Autumn colours so fleetingly in your part of Norway, but then you’ve got a winter wonderland of snow to come which I enjoy seeing on your blog every year now.


  2. It has been a season unlike a normal autumn for us. Glad you managed to get out and enjoy the gold, reds and yellows whilst you could. For us in our part of the U.K. green is still the predominant colour of the hedges and trees with just a touch of gold! It will be interesting to see both what November has in store for us and of course winter! Best Wishes


  3. You managed to carry with us these sweet colours of fall, right through the coming rather black&white seasons right into the next round, next year. L’histoire se répète… What a beautiful photoos!


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