Blue November


It is the dark time of the year. That means the day is very short and even the middle of the day is not exactly bright. And it starts getting dark at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. But it is still possible to take some photos, at least if I remember to go out before it is completely dark. I took these in one of these moments. It was too dark for photography, and I didn’t bring my tripod, but I find the result interesting even though. Maybe because I like the blue hour, even the dark blue hour down by the river. There are more in this blue hour photo gallery. And also in this one, the blue hour in winter.






85 thoughts on “Blue November

    1. You don’t see this much in France? I bet you don’t have the extreme cold, and that is when we have most of these winter colours. Some compensation. Thanks for your comment.


      1. Probably gloaming, even if I don’t know this expression. It is definitely a longer time for the chaging of light. And we have this all year, it only looks different in winter with the cold.


  1. your images are so beautiful! yesterday i returned home (after being away for three months) and i enjoyed watching the moon’s blue effect on the river. the internet is too slow for uploading or writing a post, but hopefully my photos turned out well enough to share – soon! if so, i’ll link to your images, is that ok?!
    thanks for sharing your slice of the world – even if your daylight hours are so short! mine remain the same year round! 12/12!


    1. Yes, we live in different worlds, Z, but it is good to share. You have been away for 3 months, that’s a long time. Will be exciting to see the photos. Of course you can link to my images, thanks.


  2. As a matter of fact, I’m quite familiar the image like the one before last.
    Time to time, I (we) had to walk in the mountain or its approach after dusk,
    under star-light, moon-light, —– landscape or house looks like that,
    and the light in the window was a sign of the heaven !
    For me, it is the very nostalgic image !


    1. I see exactly what you mean, since I have walked in the dark in many different landscapes and occations. Many people are afraid of the dark and they never do, but it is an experience too, and always nice to see the first lights afterwards.Thanks for a very nice comment, Yoshizen.


  3. I guess this colour blue suits us well up here. You surely give it the right tune! Wonderful. Otherwise I say November is the month we do not need…Dark, wet and cold…We don’t have the snow until december – if then.


  4. Wow… it is so very impressive this blue hour momentum… try to explain that to someone living around the equator, where every day at 17:45 someone clicks off the light and some 12 hours later, back on again !!


  5. Beautiful captures Bente, I especially like the shot of the boat. Cannot imagine living with such short days though! I get cranky here in the winter and our earliest darkness all year is about 5:00pm! I suppose it makes you appreciate the long days of summer all the more though!


  6. These pictures are really great – fantastic and intense atmosphere, haunting light … you really captured the beauty of winter, I am impressed.


  7. Things really are bluer up here, aren’t they? I feel protected from the smogginess of so much of our world. I especially like the one with the upturned boat.


    1. yes, I agree, Dave, and I feel so sorry for the millions who have to endure the smog of heavy pollution these days. But it affects all the world you know. Thanks for your comment.


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