Wet, dark autumn


It’s a few weeks since I took these photos down by a nearby river. It was a dark but not quite stormy afternoon. Darkish, because it is this kind of season, and wet, wet, wet. I did some handhold pictures, more or less to see how they would be. I find there is always something to see, whatever season, whatever weather, and just in the neighborhood. There are some more pictures in my photo gallery.







66 thoughts on “Wet, dark autumn

  1. I agree with a previous comment that you’re painting with your camera. Every one of these are absolutely stunning. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the last one (also the header?)


    1. Well, this reality is the kind we (I) often just walk by because it is wet and almost dark, and the “grey” end of the autumn. But I think when we stop and look in nature, there is always something. These photos are hardly edited. Oh, how I could enjoy some warm, sunne climate just for a moment (the grass is always greener….) Thanks, Warren.


  2. I totally agree there is always something beautiful to see, in the neighborhood and in every season. Read the blogpost ‘The world form the backyard’ at http://munchow.wordpress.com/ . Great blogpost about you don’t have to travel far away to make great photos. ;-). I love the photo with your dog on it.


  3. Definitely a blue mood.
    Your comment about “wet, wet, wet” reminds me that the word winter is etymologically related to the word wet. The same therefore holds true for Norwegian vinter and våt.


    1. コメントありがとうございました。我々は今、真夜中になるまではい、それは長い時間だ。それは(グーグルを介して)日本語でやや正しかった願っています。


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