Pale Winter


Just a few more from the skiing trip the other day. All these got som pale treatment. All the blue colour is gone. There will be some more in these nature galleries.




42 thoughts on “Pale Winter

  1. They are in fact quite familiar snow-scape to me,
    to my youth in the mountain = so, they hit my nostalgia.
    —– In your field, do you see the trail of animals and their droppings ?


  2. Lovely images.
    The second photo I find really interesting. While I live in a warmer climate, I don’t think I’ve even seen the snow piled up against bare twigs like that before. Possibly because I’ve always been looking up too high when I’ve been in the snow and have mainly skied over well-travelled trails.

    The light is just beautiful in your country at this time of year.


  3. Maybe asking for too much…. I wonder to see how the midnight sun looks like. Can y try shooting some video showinghow excatly d place looks like. Maybe someday I will visit this beautiful country one day to see aurora and midnight sun. But till then.. 🙂


  4. Mein Gott, Bente, was ist es schon wieder kalt in Norwegen. Wir sitzen zu Weihnachten mit 13°C in Norddeutschland und freuen uns über den Regen. Ich wünsche Dir ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest mit ganz viel Liebe und Herzenswärme.


  5. awesome… happy holidays and a wonderful end of December! good luck and have an optimistic year, cheers, Mélanie
    * * *
    just back from Gran Canaria, where I met several Norwegians taking advantage of the Canarian sunny winter… 🙂


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