The stave church in Lom


Norway is the only country in Northern Europe with wooden churches from the Middle Ages still intact. These wooden churches, the stave churches, were once common in Northern Europe. It was probably built between 1000 and 2000 of these churches in Norway alone. Today there are only 28 of them left, and I visited one of them, the stave church in Lom, on my way to the west coast the other day.


It was a cold day in this mountain village called Lom, and I didn’t have time to stay. It was nobody around. No tourists in this time of the year, and the visitor center near by was also closed. The church is still used as a church, but otherwise it is open only in summer. It was still worthwhile visiting, because the building is very special. I have only been the once before, 14 years ago. The picture below is from that time, and it is made with my first digital camera (2 MP).




68 thoughts on “The stave church in Lom

    1. This church is in the dry, mountain region. That is one reason the church is well preserved for so long. And they had very good craftsmen then, who knew how to pick the best material from the woods. These days machines do the job, and they have none of these knowledge. Plus they impregnate the wood with tar, which made it durable against the elements. Thanks, Draco, now you even got a lecture. 😉


  1. I remember when I visited wooden “Kirkan” —– gosh, 40 years ago !
    (I think, it was just outside of Oslo —– Folklore Park ? where old wooden houses were kept. )
    —– 2Meg Photos are still quite good isn’t it !


  2. norway is beautiful, so green and so natural with his landscapes. I visited ten years ago and I remember those places the wooden churches. a craftsman masterpiece. all built with as the ship from the nortmen (vichinghi). Superbe! (Sorry for my english!!)


  3. Thank you for that! Many years ago I went to see one of these beautiful wooden churches, somewhere outside Oslo, I forget the name. It is such interesting architecture and I love the way light and shadow change on the roof tops as one walks around the church. We have a more modern example of timber-built Norwegian churches here in Cardiff. It got a much-needed make-over and renovations last year and is now looking as lovely as ever, guarding Cardiff Bay.


  4. Beautiful and magical.
    It looks like something out of a fairytale.
    I hope those remaining 28 churches stay preserved and maintained – just goes to show what magnificent builders the Norwegians were/are. And more importantly, what superb wood comes from your trees.


  5. I live in the Southwestern US where ‘old’ means 100 years. Of course, there are Native Ameerican sites that are much older, but they are not made of wood and are usually not nearly as old as this beautiful church.


  6. So striking in its appearance with all the carved details ! It has weathered beautifully .Lovely photos … thinking about the past captures I wouldn’t think any of my photos from 14 yrs ago would stand up to looking at again like this Bente Lol


  7. Nooooooooooooooh, Mr. Bente Haarstad , Thank you very much. very beautiful pictures and very beautiful churches. If you ever have a chance to go to Russia and see churches there, I think you will not be disappointed. One time I will put on my blog some picture – especially of my favourite place.. Mari


  8. Now you make me feel very homesick again. And it’s more than 30 years ! 🙂 that I saw this beautiful stavkirke the last time. Gorgeous impressions, Bente. Takk skal du ha! 🙂


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