On the road


I have been to the west coast again, that means a many long and winding roads (but also good ones), a lot of tunnels and ferries. As you can see there is not much snow in this part of Norway at the moment, but there is much more in the south, good for them. These photos are from the road between the city of Molde and Ålesund more or less. More stories to be told later. And more photos in this photo gallery from Møre and Romsdal county.







59 thoughts on “On the road

  1. Kære Bente. Der er fantastiske fjelde i det område. Er destinationen Linge?
    Det er dejlige billeder, du viser fra din tur. Jeg kan huske, at der var ‘halvtag’ over nogle veje, i tilfælde af stenskred.
    I Danmark springer de små blomster ud og temperaturen ligger mellem 7 – 10 grader om dagen. Det er meget hyggeligt, men ikke helt betryggende med de store afvigelser i vejret.
    Mange hilsner til dig,


  2. Wonderful photos.
    I do like that lovely porch over the front door in the white house. Almost fairytale looking in the design of the windows and doorway.


  3. Nice photos, Bente. I’m on the road too right now but don’t have anything to post about it. Enjoyed seeing the photos. Your ferries are much like our small ones that do the shorter routes here.


  4. beautiful !! … I visited some of Norway (Stavanger, Oslo going to Sweden) … including two fjords, a, combination of wild and modern , a special country…special people !!
    We planned to stay next spring to Bergen …it’s unique !! isn’t it ?? do you have some photos ??


      1. I have a good friend in Sweden who visited Bergen and told me about the fish market .. and how beautiful is the channel (fjord) where the ferry comes !!
        wild and mystery !! that all Norway
        I need to see, but I’m happy with your pictures until then


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