Karolinerspelet 2014


The Norwegian season for outdoor theater is starting this weekend. I went to a rehearsal a couple of days ago, and I was quite impressed be the horses participating. There are about 20 of them in the play (and 100 people), of different Nordic horse breeds. Above three Icelandic horses.


The play, Karolinerspelet, is staged every second year in a small village in Tydal. About 3000 Swedish soldiers died of cold and hunger in a winter storm in the mountains between Norway and Sweden in the New Year of 1719. They were retreating after the death of king, Charles XII of Sweden. The play about the Carolean Death March is performed in exactly the same place were the army started the march into tragedy 295 years ago.


I made a post the last time this play was performed, in January 2012. That time it was snowing a lot, which can be a challenge for a photographer, but the snow created the right mood for the play, as you can see on this link. This winter is totally different, no snow storms, but I am quite sure it will make a strong impression. There are more pictures from the play this year in my photo gallery.




52 thoughts on “Karolinerspelet 2014

      1. That’s interesting. Yes 3rd photo looks almost like 18C
        old master’s “Grand” painting or a still shot from a film.
        —– still, you think it was a failure, was that because
        you are aiming to maintain your eye-point as an
        ordinary pass-a-by ?


      2. “Failure” because I didn’t try to get this motion. But as I said, I kind of liked it. Otherwise it would not have been there, especially since it has an other mood than the rest. I am trying for different things Yoshi. First documenting, and often no more time than that…


    1. Yes, difficult! But I like photographing plays, and I always did. Now I can turn up to 3200 (it was not enough) and 6400 ISO. It helps a lot, but there are changes when I remove noise afterwards.


    1. Normally yes, and a lot of woolen layers underneat the cloths, but this winter is so strange in this part of the country. February hasn’t been as warm since 1700 something. it has to be said that the last two winters were exceptionally cold. Thanks, Gallivanta.


  1. This tradition your country has of outdoor theatre is awesome. I love the participation of the horses. I wonder if they enjoy it as much as the folk taking part. I spent time riding Icelandic Ponies while living in Neskaupstadur. Beautiful creatures!


    1. I didn’t have time to ask the horses, but they seemed to be well involved. Neskaupstadur, it sounds like Iceland, you are among the lucky ones to have visited and riding in this magical country? I want to try too…


  2. Wonderful, and worth the visit I’d say! Also the background purple light in the last image makes it even more attractive. I can see that the horse has been working hard. He/she has a sweaty coat. How strong they look. really nice Bente!
    Kind regards


  3. I guess you do have to love snow to live in Sweden! This would be an interesting thing to sew. .. So many actors together, outdoors… wow. Love your horses! They look really warm and fuzzy. 🐎


  4. What impresses me most about the glimpses you give us of life in Norway is that you can spend so much of your time outside. You have adapted your life to suit the weather. Here there is a tendence to hibernate and wait for the summer. I like the idea of being outside as much as possible.


  5. beautiful ,very impressive . in 2012 the play probably gave a more realistic view of the events. . So another 5 years and it will be exactly 300 years ago, I bet that one is gonna be even more impressive I bet. thanks for sharing


  6. Wouw!!! Du har overgået dig selv, Bente. Fantastisk lys du har på dine billeder, og hvilket skue. Jeg ville gerne ha’ overværet det.
    Tillykke med de smukke billeder.
    Mange hilsner,


  7. The last horse looks like a charming cross between a pony and a reindeer! Very evocative pictures about a terribly tragic event not widely known outside Scandinavia, when it should be…to remind all of us of the futility of war and the arrogance of princes. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  8. Truly beautiful pictures with a magic sphere… of course I especially love the photo with the Icelandic horses and wonder how my 27 year old Fengur would cope in such a play 😉


  9. What beautiful horses. When I was visiting Iceland a few years ago, I had the good fortune to meet a few Icelandic horses. They were very handsome! My only regret is that I didn’t get to ride one. (Our time in Iceland was too short!)


  10. I’ve only ever seen an Icelandic pony once – that was in the Isle of Man (off England) and I got to ride it. It must have been the only Icelandic pony over here 🙂 I remember it was a cute little thing and I still have a photo of it (on my computer now).


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