Boyd and Beatles


Pattie Boyd was a british model who first married George Harrison, and then Eric Clepton. She was eventueally also a photographer, and yesterday I attendend an opening of an exhibition of her photography – George, Eric & Me. It is shown at Rockheim, Norway’s national museum of pop and rock music unntil the end of August. And it was above my expectations. I am not that much of a Beatles fan, but it was in fact very interesting. As a glimpse from The Swinging Sixties, and the photography is quite good. Some of the photos is never published before, and there are also artifacts and memorabilia that complement the exhibition. Boyd was present at the opening, and quite entertaining telling about her life. There are more pictures in my photo gallery from the Boyd exhibition.









37 thoughts on “Boyd and Beatles

  1. Fascinating. I recall reading that Clapton and Harrison fought a guitar battle to win her heart. Clapton won, she and Harrison divorced, and then Harrison attended the wedding. She looks to be quite an accomplished photographer. Did you get to talk to her?


  2. Great photos of great photos Bente and hope the collection comes our way to enjoy, or perhaps it has been and gone and I missed it . . . in which case, double thank you!


  3. On the earliest days of the Beatles, there was one more member called Stuart Sutclif.
    Stuart died early and his girlfriend also had quite a lots of photos of early Beatles.
    I met Pauline, a sister of Stuart and saw those photos —– I tried to organized an exhibition
    of those photos though, the photographer, former girlfriend didn’t want go back to the past.
    —– Your photos took me to those past.


  4. Thank you so much for posting these. As a lifelong Beatles fan I’d have loved to go to that exhibition. Great stuff. What really struck me seeing these pictures was how comparatively modest the Boyd/Harrison wedding cake and therefore ceremony must have been. In contrast, modern day pop or movie stars make ostentatious arrangements at 5-star hotels, followed by drunken orgies and exaggerated display of wealth, only to post their “private” pictures in Hello Magazine or on Twitter and FB. Harrison clearly had no use for such trappings.


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