Got the blues – Strynefjellet by night


The valleys on the west coast of Norway are more or less green, but the high mountains are still covered in snow. This is normal this time of the year, and is exactly what I experienced when I went to the coast (Vestlandet) the other day. It was night before I had to cross the mountain Strynefjellet, and I was a bit worried about the weather. But it was ok. Completely quiet, and dry roads. It was even okay to drive through the three long tunnels through the mountains, which together have a distance of 10,7 km. And it certainly was very little traffic. There are some more photos from this mountain region on this link.






78 thoughts on “Got the blues – Strynefjellet by night

  1. woosh, love the big booming mountains in the back… enjoy your late snow while it is still there! We are supposed to get a bit more tonight, and then some promised warmth!


  2. This is a very beautiful, but rough area, isn’t it!?
    At first moment I thought you meant the old road 258 directly through high fjell and could not believe it! 🙂
    But then I saw, you tagged the article with rv15 and spoke of the tunnels. The tunnels are so long and the elevation difference between entrance and escape is quite a lot, that sometimes even the weather differs between the tunnel ends. 🙂


    1. You have travelled Fv 258, Gamle Strynefjellsvegen? I have not, alas, but I hope to one day. The old road is closed during winter, and the planned opening is not until 15th June. It might be earlier since it is early spring this year. The modern road, opened in 1978 is ok as long as the weather is ok, otherwise rough, yes, or closed. You are right, the weather can change while you travel the tunnels. In the beginning winter, at the end of the last: spring!


  3. Dit vejbillede er vildt godt. Jeg elsker den stemning der er i billedet 🙂 Jeg går og drømmer om at køre på den Gamle Strynefjeldsvej. Den ser også fantastisk ud på billeder,
    Mange hilsner,


  4. I like very much for scenery blues. That should must be difficult photography, isn’t it? ( Cela a du être difficile de prendre des photos avec le peu de lumière, non?)


    1. It is the most difficult in a way. Usually you need a tripod, but I did them handheld with a lot of ISO. My camera is not so bad with Iso, but some I had to through away. Thanks for your comment, Lesouffleur.


      1. Only trouble is, I don’t like to carry any more onto the hills than I already do. I know a lot of people use a rock or something to put their camera on…


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