In the meantime…


Sorry, I just pressed Publish insted of Preview on a post that was absolutely not ready, so had to delete it. And in the meantime two photos from a journey to the west coast of Norway two weeks back. As you can see spring is getting closer even if we got a setback with snow almost for a week now. The last photo have got some textures. I am not sure if I like it like that, but it is interesting experimenting. Some more photos from this region on this link.


38 thoughts on “In the meantime…

  1. I’m never sure what to do with an uninteresting sky like that. The texture adds an interesting effect, but I can’t make up my mind whether I like it or not. Still… you have some stunning scenery there!


  2. Yes, like the effect here. Though it might be palling eventually if the same effect were on a series of images (probably dependant on the composition though). The second photo is full of blocking elements, but the first one of the house through firs is a classic!


  3. Mostly, it’s hard to decide if using a texture is good or bad, but enjoying experimenting is the best you can do. Anyhow, it’s an interesting result and maybe this gives you new ideas.


  4. I’m glad to see that this happen to others too, it’s so easy to klick the wrong the button. I’d like to get some kind of security answer from WP, like: are you sure sou want to publish now?? 🙂 Concerning texture yes or no, I agree with Anette.
    Ha en fin uke!


  5. Experimenting from time to time is a good thing. I’m sorry to say I don’t agree with the majority of these reactions. I think this texture detracts from the beauty of the landscape.


  6. De très belles photos Bente et un traitement particulier qui renforce la beauté du lieu. bonne journée et merci de partager en images ce beau pays. Val


  7. Did you know that the Island of Arran on the West Coast of Scotland was the property of the Norwegian crown during the troubled Viking Age before becoming formally absorbed by the kingdom of Scotland in the 13th century? My family came from Arran.


    1. No, didn’t know that Arran have been Norwegian, but I knew the Vikings made some troubles on the islands of course. I would love to go there and have a sip of Arran whiskey and enjoy the landscape. I have only seen Oban, and had a sip…


      1. Then you are an expert on this whiskey, and place. I hope to taste it some day, a nip while looking at the landscape. Scotland is very beautiful. Thanks again, Jane.


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