Green again


On the 16 May our nature was brown, on the 18 May it was almost all green, and now it is growing so fast I hardly can follow. I was almost too late to harvest the fiddle heads, but I will taste some of them today (I made a post about how I cook them last year). And I did a few photographs. But hopefully can I go back very soon. This is a nature reserve just around the corner from where I live. The plant above is Herb Paris (Paris quadrifolia), it is poisonous but beautiful. Some more photos from Norwagian nature on this link. And plants on this link.



The dog just have to wait while I take a few photos. He has patience. I hope you have chance to enjoy some nature too.



86 thoughts on “Green again

    1. You notice everything, Yoshizen. We call the yellow violets for “mountain violet”, but they also grow in the forests. I googled to get the english name, and what do I find on Wiki; you find this in Japan too!: “Viola biflora is a species of the genus Viola. It is also called twoflower violet. It is found in Europe, Siberia, Central Asia, Pakistan, western and northern China, North Korea, Japan, and Western North America.”


  1. Superbe renouveau de la nature mais, dans les yeux du chien on peut deviner de l’impatience . Votre Setter préfère la randonnée à la photographie 😉 Bonne semaine ….


    1. Vous avez raison. Un setter toujours aller de l’avant et de l’exécution, de sorte qu’il est impatient. Mais bon à attendre de toute façon. Vous l’avez vu dans ses yeux! Merci.


    1. They grow in the US and Canada but I don’t know where. I only learned to know this one when I learned about the blown, old “leaves”, as I wrote about on the linked post. Thanks, Plant Girl.


  2. We’re having the same celebration in Calgary. Brown for so long, then suddenly lush green! It’s wonderful. Blossom trees are popping everywhere, and perennials are starting to grow. Moods are improving immensely. Lovely images Bente! – Suzan –


    1. And by now I am sure it is green and wonderful in Calgary too. You are so right about what this do to the mood, improving absolutely. You might even have the long day/short night as we do? Anyway, that also makes this time of year lovely. Thanks a lot, Suzan.


  3. That Herb Paris image is just stunning. I love the way you have photographed it with the sharp focus on the centre. Seems like you are getting Nautre with new shoots all at once over in Norway. Nice to hear after your long winter.


  4. What a gift … a nature reserve so close by Bente … your lovely dog looks eminently patient . I get the feeling he is perhaps used to these photography stops 🙂
    Such Spring delicacies!


  5. Nyyyydelie bilda som vanli! Ja, jag minns receptet på ormbunke 🙂 En ren njutning bara at komma in och titta på dina bilder! (har varit mkt sliten därav min längre frånvaro)
    Klem og alt godt til dae!


  6. Beautiful photography!!! I am following you! I cannot get enough of flowers and Mother Nature. Your work is seriously good!!! I do thank you for visiting Petals Unfolding. Love, Amy


  7. Please forgive me. I AM following you. I follow SO many blogs but now I will really watch out for yours. I seriously am having trouble getting to all the blogs I follow. I really feel embarrassed. I really don’t recall seeing your blog in my reader, though, so I will unfollow you and refollow immediately. OK? xx Amy


      1. Bless you!!! I will have a post soon about Rusty. He is one very extremely ill boy. We still are not out of danger with him, yet we are seeing improvement. I think I can breathe a little. I just couldn’t handle comments today and do the blog thing. No. I have to pour myself into healing for Rusty. Love, Amy


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