The Beautiful exhibition


Art is usually displayed in galleries, but Ludmila Pawlowska often presents her work in other surroundings. Till the end of July she is presenting more than 130 objects in the village of Selbu outside the city of Trondheim, that is in central Norway.  Her work is often three-dimensional, mixing painting and sculpture which she calls three dimensional paintings. The exhibition is named “Beautiful” and part of it is displayed outdoors.



Pawlowskas work is presented in historical buildings and as often before even in the medeaval church of Selbu, but this part will not open before the 6 July.



Ludmila Pawlowska is born in Karaganda, Kazackstan, educated at Kalinin Art Academy, Moscow, and she now lives in Sweden.There are more photos from the exhibition here.




41 thoughts on “The Beautiful exhibition

  1. Stunning. Yeah I thought it was somewhere in Scandinavia when I saw the first pic 😀


  2. if the ‘like’ button had a toggle-switch light, i’d press it several dozen times! wow, great colors, great exhibition, and what a grand smile you that she wears.. you’ve surely captured her essence – that of a great woman!


  3. It is certain, your photos beautifully captured the atmosphere —— though,
    I’m not sure why her those work has to be in the outside nature. = too much pretense.
    Or, make mediocre work if they were in the ordinary art gallery, to standout in the unusual set-up,
    was what she intended ? Or whole set-up was a conceptual art ?


  4. Smuk udstilling og smukke billeder, Bente. Jeg holder meget af, når kunsten flytter udendørs, særligt som her i flotte omgivelser.
    Rigtig dejlig pinse til dig ❤
    Mange hilsner,


  5. おはようございます、東京は梅雨に入り木曜日から雨続きです。



  6. Beautiful scenery – I wonder if there’s a particular reason why the artist chose the outdoors to exhibit her art? Awesome concept regardless.


  7. Wonderful post! I am married to a sculptor, who’s art is diplayed outside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I understand the ‘outdoor’ element that is added to the whole feeling and mood of the art. Thank you for introducing me to another creative artist!


  8. The enjoyment of art when displayed so creatively would multiply manifold! Beautiful it is! Her neckpiece even more so! 🙂


  9. We are quite familiar with sculpture installations outdoors here in the UK, but I’ve never seen artwork displayed in this way. But why not? The colours are sensational and the works look like they belong in the landscape. This is some of the most inspiring art I’ve seen in a long time, Bente.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. There seems to be such a wonderful freedom in this wonderful display where it is all part of the landscape and open to all. Your photos are such a treat Bente, as good as being there!


  11. A beautiful setting to display art. Actually that would be a beautiful setting for almost anything. I think I would have a difficult time surviving your winters but your summers must be glorious!


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