Mountain music


I went to a mountain festival again, like last year. Only this time the weather was amazing all weekend and so was the atmosphere. Good weather means a lot to Norwegians, because there is usually not too much of it during the short summer. Above is the road we walked to get tot this small music festival by a lake in the mountains.


The South, a Norwegian band like the rest of the bands. These musicians are really into the music.





The queue for the toilets, mointain style.


And then it was time to walk back to the cottage for sleep. This time a short cut through the forest, the mountain birch forest. That was a good choice. Here is a link if you want to see more photos from Tydalsfestivalen.




22 thoughts on “Mountain music

  1. Lovely photo’s Benthe.I know the weather isvery good.My daughter is there on a vacation of 3 weeks en she write me it’s there so beautiful and the weather is fine


  2. Fun is order of the day … I can see that from your photos Bente …a super razzed up feeling in them !
    Ah the moon … gently slipping behind the hill ….love it .

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  3. Beautiful. I am so glad you had good weather! Nothing worse than rainstorms and wind during an outdoor music festival. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience.


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