Those were the days


This summer has been a miracle, and I even went for a swim in the lake, many times. That means we had an awful lot of good weather. Probably no more than normal for everybody else, but in the Central parts of Norway, rain, rain an more rain, that can be as normal as it can be. I am not going to talk a lot about the weather, but enjoy what the can expect for the next week or so: more sunshine. Maybe even warm enough for a swim, but believe it or not, it is September. That means even the warm air have a cold edge. These photos are from a few weeks back, and there are more in my photo gallery.


Kveldsbad i Tydal

30 thoughts on “Those were the days

    1. Don’t worry embee35 – global cooling hit the other side of the world when Calgary, Canada received nearly 40cm of snow over the past two days. (We did have a very nice summer up to that!) We’re all hoping it’s not a sign of things to come for this winter! – Suzan –


  1. Very nice photos. I had to have another look at the second photo from the top. I wondered if you were putting a new logo by your name. You have a giant spider above “Bente” in that photo. But then I looked more closely and I saw it’s something else. Maybe a dead tree in the water? Funny. 😉


  2. Vi er mye blitt i september fiske i Danmark, men aldri svømte. Norge er mye høyere, så det er unikt at du kan det det. Nyt Bente.


  3. Lovely photos. You surely live in a beautiful area. I am so glad for you that your summer has been warm and sunny. On the other end, I am delighted that our desert summer has been more overcast and cool than usual. Not enough rain, but the cool temperatures have been delightful.


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