Reindeers in Sylan


Some photos of reindeers I have met hiking in the mountians. These live in the vast areas next to the border to Sweden, in the central parts of Norway. That is, they will soon move further south to the winter pastures. Reindeers are nomadic animals. The Sámi people also used to be nomads, they followed the animals. The reindeers still have these instincts of course. These belong to the Sámi group Saanti Sijte. There is a fence between the two countries to prevent the Norwegian and the Swedish reindeers to mix. It can easily be crossed by hiking people. At least on some places. Here is a link to more photographs of reindeers.




45 thoughts on “Reindeers in Sylan

  1. This is the Norwegian Mountain at its best. The pictures make me yearn for the mountains.
    Den bedste kompliment jeg kan gi’ dig er, at jeg ville ønske, jeg kunne træde ind i dit billede ❤


  2. Beautiful images of your country’s landscape (as usual, Bente).

    I always enjoy seeing your reindeer out in the wild – it’s such a unique sight for me (living in Australia).

    Is that treeless landscape called Tundra? Or is it called something different when the soil is thawed in warmer months?


  3. Oh, I totally love the colours in the first image, the warm orange of the ground together with the blue-tinted mountains. A very beautiful piece of your world.


  4. Nice site and good photos. Norway is a great place to be with a camera.

    I was in Trondheim in 1999, and from there went to Røros. I loved the architecture in both places. Though I was born – and lived – in England my Norwegian grandfather was born in Hammerfest. My mother, my aunts and my uncles lived in Oslo.

    My photos of doorways and houses in Trondheim and Røros can be seen on my site here:

    I have also written two travel articles for The Independent, which appear on the site. One on Knut Hamsun, the other on Edvard Munch.

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