Congratulations Malala!

Hurdalsrosen - prestegårdsrose

My congratulations to Malala Yousafzai. The 17 year old Pakistani  girl wanted education, but got the Nobel Peace Prize. Today. Congratulations also to Kailash Satyarthi, the Indian child rights campaigner who shares the prize. Well deserved too. But most of all I want to congratulate Malala, the girl who was shot by Taliban on her way home from school. Yes, she is young, the youngest ever to get this award. But the bravery, wisdom and principles she has shown is inspiring to all of us. Not the least now when so many countries are threatened by similar dark forces. My congratulation goes with a rose from my garden. May we all never forget that peace and education is so much better than dynamite, war and supression.

Alfred Nobel, fabrikkmerke. Nitroglycerin-Compagniet.

25 thoughts on “Congratulations Malala!

  1. I saw Malala talking on television in England and I was impressed (like everyone) of her explanation that education is a “power” in the hands of women and that is why this right is prohibited in these countries!! so young and so cleaver ,and you find, the right gift for her courage to fight !!

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  2. I would like to join the party though, the trouble is, so-called dark force is not dark for them.
    It is yet another system only having women not in the system but in the bedroom and a kitchen.
    The western society might have changed to have more peace and education but their system
    hasn’t been changed thousand of years (except to acquire Kalashnikov and DVD) and they proud of it.
    What’s wrong ?
    Another trouble is now on as Malala made most of their society enemy she has to watch
    over the shoulder all her life.

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  3. ….and Malala deserves every bit of the prize too.
    Such a brave courageous girl to stand up and speak out in such circumstances. She is an inspiration to many of us who wish for world peace.

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  4. I love how you show your support with a simple picture. although the way you capture the glory and essence of the flower shows how much time you take to think about what’s important. This also shows that you care a great deal about the situation and that you give your full support so thank you for your wonderful post Bente and [please keep speaking to the world about these important things. don’t be afraid to speak out on your opinion.

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