By the lake


Autumn is definitely here. We have had only 2-3 nights with frost. That is hardly anything, but it has changed the colors of nature, and now all the leaves on the trees are soon gone. These pictures are from a stroll this afternoon, testing the camera on my new mobile. I have hardly edited, and the files are so different than the “dull” photos comming straight from my other cameras. On the other hand the details are not as good, but I might say I am satiesfied with how these photos came out. It works, at least when taken in daylight.




There are still flocks of geese at this lake (Pink-footed Goose), resting on their way from Svalbard to where they will stay during winter, probably in The Netherlands and Belgium. They have been here some weeks and I guess they are leaving soon. There are more photos in this gallery.





117 thoughts on “By the lake

    1. I have had mobiles with cameras before but have hardly used the camera, unless I was really desperate. They have become better, so now I have a possibility even if I don’t have a real camera at hand. But still lousy in dark environments. Thank you Steve.


  1. So many lovely views of your world. My favorite? The next to last, with the dog and its reflection. I like the road and the geese, too. So much traveling, in so many ways!


  2. The clarity of the air is the typical Norwegian air, which I couldn’t believe
    when I saw it in the first time. It was utterly surreal to me. (All the details
    of the houses, car on the road looks too clear despite it was the other side
    of fjord — 10, 20 km away — )
    And you are showing it in too perfect composition = “Is it true Bente ?” 😀 )


    1. Clarity can be very cold, and even wet. But I don’t complain, I like the air around here. It is not always we can see 10-20 km away of course, 😉 but often enough. Thanks a lot for your comment, Yoshizen.


      1. The best clear visibility in Norway is definitely better than the best in Japan.
        My guess is, the angle of the sun in Norway is lower than Japan hence
        the contrast of the image / visual clarity is higher there.

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  3. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love all the harvest colors — the rich gold, copper, red — all represented in your lovely photos. And of course your dog matches perfectly with the fall. Does she enjoy going in the water?


    1. Every season is good, but luckily the autumn have this beauty to comfort the sadness of a summer just gone. It is a he, and he really likes going into the water and alsway do, if there is no ice. Enjoys to drink the water too, but not to swim, contrary to the dog I had before (also an irish setter). Thank you, Jackie.


    1. I got my first in 1998 and I remember carrying it in the mountains, skiing, at suddenly it made this sound. I couldn’t believe it, talking to somebody just there, in the wilderness. Strange magic. But no camera of course. Thank you, Z.


  4. It’s difficult for an old photographer like me to accept that a phone can produce images so good that they are nearly indistinguishable from images taken with the best lenses in the world. At least, as long as the comparisons are made on a computer screen. It is an amazing world.


    1. It is amazing. We still need lenses to get some control. I try my best not to shake this thing taking photos, and don’t really see what is beeing photographed. But with good light (and some luck) they can come out quite ok. Thanks for your comment, Dave.


  5. It’s hard to differentiate the photos taken with a phone and a proper camera now a days.

    These images are truly top class and you have beautifully used light.

    Have a beautiful day ahead, Bente 🙂


    1. Yes, the difference get less and less. But it is still not a camera with all its possibilities, and qualities. Thank you very much, Sreejith, and I hope you’ll have a beautiful day too.


  6. Very good images and they certainly reflect the beautiful colours you have at this time of year. The 6th image down of your dog is just gorgeous.


  7. It is hard to believe these are taken with a mobile phone. Lovely shots. I know the Pink-footed geese go to the Ythan estuary, north of Aberdeen in Scotland as one of their winter roosting sites. Amelia


    1. Phones are not what they were, that is for sure. I believe the geese going to UK stays in Greenland in summer, and don’t cross this place. But I am not completely sure. Thanks for your information, and for your comment, Amelia.


  8. The quality of these images looks excellent, and what beautiful images on your stroll. The pictures that include your dog really have an added dimension, Bente.


    1. If that means that you are following and don’t see them? If so you mabe have the edit how often or not you want to get the message. It happens to me sometimes, I press Follow and nothing comes until I edit this option. Thank you Nancy.


  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country. My image of Norway was cold and dark, but now I see how wrong I was- your pictures are stunning! What a beautiful world we share.


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