October reindeer

Grusveg, innover mot Skarpdalen i Sylan.

This time of the year the slaughtering season starts for the reindeer herders. And it last till some time into the new year. I went to the mountains a couple of days ago to see when the heards are gathered, and sorted. And some calves that was not marked during summer, got their earmarks now. I am not finished with these pictures, but here is a few. And some more on this link. As before these are from the South Sámi groups that have their reindeers in the central parts of Norway. The majority of the Sámi people lives up north, especially in Finnmark.





52 thoughts on “October reindeer

      1. Forgot to mention: do you see the photo with the reindeers running through the gate in the fence? They are all released, back to the mountains. (except the one behind the gate, but she will get another chance).


      2. I am a vegetarian but I find it much less difficult when animals are killed to eat after they have lived in freedom or have been taken really good care of (opposite to the bioindustry and other harrowing situations)…
        Wonderful photo’s, especially the one where they are released!!

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    1. Not noisy, but a very characteristic noise. Of soft feet trampling and animals asking for each other, sort of. It can be dusty, but not so after rain (like now). Thank you Yoshizen.


    1. Brutal if you live in a city, which most of us do now. I think we all should be reminded of where the food comes from some times, but I know what you mean. I am not sure about Rudolph but these animals have the most natural way of life until the last minute. Thank you Draco.


  1. I’ve read a little more as a result of your posts Bente . It’s the way of life for the Sami people I understand – and a tough one at that .


  2. YIPPEEEEE!!! My favorite blog subject is coming back again! Thanks for finding me on Instagram too Bente! It makes me so happy that they use all parts of this magnificent creature. Respectful.


  3. Stunning photos Bente, I have never eat reindeer, it’s not here but it is necessary to slaughter some of the animals, beautiful to see it in black and white! Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Yes, I know some don’t want to know about such realities. That is because we let people live a whole life away from farms and food production, and nature. A complete picture would be better for all. Thanks Emilio.


  4. It reminds me of the culling of the buffalo herds here in the United States. Many times, people don’t understand that, for the health of the herd, decisions must be made. Just as you show here, ear-tagging, examinations for illness or injury, and culling of old animals takes place. The notebooks and pencils the men are using are as important as anything — records must be kept!


  5. A beautiful series Bente, especially the lead picture. Most of us city dwellers are disconnected from the source of our food. Our safari put the cycle of life into perspective for me. Like our guide pointed out when I couldn’t watch a zebra being stalked by lions…..”What about the many mouths they have to feed?” 🙂


  6. Hello Bente, still a nice post on the reins. Animal world that is not part of it where I live and it’s always interesting to discover. Here, cows, sheeps are down from the mountains for the winter at warm.
    Good Sunday to you, see you soon.


  7. Reindeer is tasty meat and they’ve lived happy lives. At the farmers market I bought reindeer that we’ll have for New Years.
    I’ll have to arrest you on one thing: The majority of the Sámi people live in Oslo.


    1. You might be right about Sámi people in Oslo, but they don’t have reindeers, and it is difficult to preserve the Sámi culture and Sámi life there (I believe). Enjoy your reindeer meat, it is the best! And I might know where it comes from (Rørosvidda?). You only need 3 ingredients to prepare: salt, black pepper (coarse) and pure butter, but there can be a lot of flavors on the side.


    1. Reindeers are from the deer family, we have four different deer species in Norway, and we eat all of them. The reindeers are different though. We have the last remaining wild reindeers in the mountains in the south of Norway, and reindeer herding in the central and northern mountains and plains. The herding is the culture of the indigenous Sámi people.

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      1. I had no idea about all of this. Thank you so much for the information! It’s always fascinating to learn something about a different culture. Have a lovely day!

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