Down by the river


It is november. It is dark, and I did these photos with my mobile. It has an ok camera, but not in dark surroundings. But it was the only camera at hand, and I sort of like these photos anyhow (except the quality). It is just early afternoon in these pictures. But it is that time of year.


Tell, by the river.



48 thoughts on “Down by the river

  1. The dark blue and black are quite wonderful, and the profile of the dog is both comforting and mysterious. Sometimes, we get more than we expect from a photo, and I think perhaps you did, here. Just lovely.


  2. I appreciate seeing the difference in quality a camera makes. As always your photos are spectacular. I dream of a higher quality camera….someday. Thanks for sharing.


  3. These are beautiful shots Bente, with a mood all their own. Love that deep inky blue and no-one is going to hold it against you for taking a walk and leaving the big cam behind. So much treasure in the simple pleasures. (!)


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