God Jul & Merry Christmas


Suddenly it is Christmas. In Norway we celebrate on the 24th. So just a few photos and my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and the season. The first and the last photo is taken with my phone. The horse is a 21 year old veteran of the old Norwegian breed, fjording. I met him at the Christmas Market in town.



65 thoughts on “God Jul & Merry Christmas

  1. My current customer and his family left for Norway ja few days ago, to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with family there. They were so excited to be going back. Your photos suggest why that might be so. They’re beautiful — not only these, but all you’ve shared with us over the year. Merry Christmas to you, and all good wishes for the New Year!


  2. Merry Christmas Bente !
    To be tucked up cosy in one of those little houses in your little snowy village scene would do me 😉
    That veteran horse obviously knows the secret of a good life !


  3. In Portugal we celebrate Christmas on the 24th too, although this year I stayed in London. Wishing you now a Happy New Year!!!


  4. Simply beautiful! So glad I saved this to look at after I got back in the USA ! I am enjoying your Instagram too Bente! Happy New Year!


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