A green week in Berlin

Soup from Poland, Grüne Woche, Berlin 2015.

One dream was fullfilled since I could visit Grüne Woche in Berlin a couple of weeks ago. That is, just for a couple of hours, since I was in the city for other reasons. International Green Week was established in 1926 and is the most important of its kind, that is as an international exhibition of food, agriculture and horticultural industries. With more than 415,000 visitors this year. It was great! Above a chef from Poland is serving soup.

Caviar from Ungarn, Budapest, Polezhaeff. Grüne Woche, Berlin

I must admit I tasted these blinis with caviar with a drop of vodka, even if it was quite early in the day. Some of the food samples are for free, but most of them you pay a small amount of money to try, like 1, 2 or 3 euro.

Berlin. Grüne Woche, Australia on the International Food Festival Green Week.

Romania, Berlin

“All the world” is participating in Grüne Woche, and to experience them all I have to go back some other year. I am quite sure I will. This was really an event of my heart, lots of friendly people, and exciting, good food everywere. And drinks.

Berlin. Grüne Woche, Denmark on the International Food Festival Green Week.

Berlin. Grüne Woche, Norway on the International Food Festival Green Week.

Both Denmark and Norway was represented by beer producers, among the food. Denmark really is a beer country, we are not. But things are changing and now there are a lot of small breweries even in Norway. Like the one represented above, from the old mining city of Røros. I have tasted their beer before, it is really good, like so many others from the new breweries. So now I have explained why I have been off my blog lately. Travelling, and not only to Berlin. There are more photos in my Grüne Woche photo gallery.

Grüne Woche, Berlin 2015. Messe Berlin.

64 thoughts on “A green week in Berlin

  1. Looks like an enormous amount of fun, let alone interesting (sampling all that food and beer).
    Hope you get a chance to go back another year as I’m sure you would need lots of time to sample everything and look around.


    1. I would need days, Vicki, I met some from the same mountains I come from, just visiting this Green Week, and for the second time. They told me: no less than two days. This place have so much to offer, you could hardly believe it (especially when you come from a quiet place like me).


  2. This looks like such a wonderful event! I would love to try different kinds of beer. In the small town up the road from me (Bisbee Arizona population 6,000) there are two breweries and two coffee roasters! We sure do like our good coffee and good beer in this area.
    Happy travels – may you have many more.


    1. I can easily envy you the good coffee and good beer, Emilie. We have nothing of that kind where I live. But I say: enjoy, and enjoy a little for me too! Thanks for your comment.


  3. What a great way to spend a day (or two or three). It reminds me of a bigger version of the Vancouver Food Fair. That was a lot of fun and I think this one is Berlin would be even more amazing. I’m sure I’d gain ten pounds and not even care.


    1. I few ml, that is certainly no more than a drop. Actually. And a bit bigger drop of Polish cherry beer, and likewise of South African sparkling wine. And I was off to two days of meetings. If I am going back to this heaven there will be no meetings of any kind. Then you could judge. By the way, I can understand your “darn”, but comming from a desolate place like me, a lot of people is in itself exotic, almost an attraction.


    2. I can see the glasses in the photo . . .

      As for for people . . . I come from places where there are way too many people. They have long since lost any appeal they might have had.

      Still, I just came from a cruise with 3,000 other people, and if the venue is large enough (a cruise ship is) then one can be as solitary as one wants. That place looks crowded . . . like I might actually touch shoulders with others.

      . . . also, I suppose they don’t allow defensive weapons . . .


      1. No, this is Europe, no weapons luckily (but the Berlin police were chasing terrorists those days). Crowded yes, solitary, no. I don’t mind a bit of that, as long as the rest is an adventure.


  4. Were you saying that Germany isn’t a beer country? I’m confused because I thought beer and Oktoberfest go hand in hand. Then I got thinking okay what good German beers can I think of? Kronennberg was the only one that came to mind that we get here in Canada.


    1. No, for certain Germany is one of the biggest beer countries, but we are not: Norway. But we have these small breweries popping up now. I think you have to travel to a country to see the variety there is. In Germany it is huge as I see it, they have a beer culture. On this festival there is food and drinks from all over the world. Thank you for your comment Incidental.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for sharing your visit! This looks like a festival for me. All kinds of food and stuff.. I love stuff! 😉
    I hope you have safe travels and see you in the reader when you post some terrific photos from where you’ve been!


  6. That good pictures, I have fond memories of my trip to Berlin orchestrating, I’m glad your trip was pleasant here in Berlin.
    It is always tempting to see your blog.
    Goodbye my friend.


  7. Berlin is such a great city to visit! Fun to see some of the local Norwegians breweries represented! I was not aware Røros had their own brewery now – have to try it out next time we’re back in Norway! 🙂


  8. What a wonderful experience for you! The food and drink looks wonderful, yes. But my favorite person is the woman who is spinning wool, or perhaps doing something else I don’t quite understand. I looked closely at the goods in that booth, and they were wonderful. I think it would be hard to not purchase something there!


  9. Looks like a great place to spend a lot of time, tasting and just strolling around. But I don’t understand what you say about Norway not being a beer country? In Norway we have always followed the “Deutsche Reinheitsgebot” for brewing beer, while the big Danish brewing companies such as Carlsberg and Tuborg are all chemicals and sugar. I’ll take Røros Bryggeri any old day. 🙂


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