Pictures in the dark


We got heavy snow again today, and that made me look at these pictures from some weeks ago. They are taken during night. Two of them with a tripod and a flash, and one without flash. The one above have a small adjustment to a cooler colour, the others no adjustments. Just an experiment so to speak, because it was a fine night even if it had a lot of weather. Like today. There are a few more on this link.



43 thoughts on “Pictures in the dark

  1. Nice attempt !
    (How about,— camera on the tripod and set to B = while shutter is open,
    fire the flash many times, away from the camera — to the tree or back ground etc)
    (I mean, separate flash. — in fact, torch lamp can work well as well.)

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    1. I tried tripod and B, with and without the flash. Didn’t work well, probably because autofocus was on. As I have found out later. Now I soon have to wait some months to get a dark night again, at least with snow. Thank you Yoshizen.


  2. Such large snow flakes … I imagine some little ones rushing into view … hands outstretched and mouths open to catch them .
    Lovely experiments Bente .

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  3. Great to see the kind of inspiration you get from nature. I like the third one the best. It has a certain calmness and the big flakes have a friendly hearty touch.


  4. I always am intrigued by “warm” images of snow, and so the middle image appeals to me most. On the other hand, I enjoy watching snow fall through the light of street or house lamps and night, and for that, the other two images are best at capturing the experience.


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