Spring in a wet forest


I don’t know if any of you have the same problem. Some times I plan to use time on posts, and I postpone it, again and again. The free time to do this doesn’t happen. The result, no posts. So now have I decided to post some pictures now and then, story or no story.  I must admit taking on to Instagram also steals some time, even if it is supposed to take no time. So that is the problem: time. I hope all of you are taking your time to be around enjoying the season. With a camera or not. Here it is spring, a cold and wet springtime.

Spring in the local forest.


38 thoughts on “Spring in a wet forest

  1. The sprout of fern is especially useful to give the feeling of the spring. The further developed plant in midsummer and autumn is also worth a closer look. It is a luxuriant plant here in our often barrend “artic rain forest”, the problem is to find the backlight from the low nordic sunrays.
    I really like your old setter!


    1. The book I use most for identifying wildflowers here on the Texas coast is “Wildflowers of Houston and Southeast Texas,” by John and Gloria Tveten. It’s a name I never had heard, until I bought the book. It’s such fun to see that you bear the same name!

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  2. Always have enjoyed the eye you bring to photography – the 1,000 word story you tell with a single picture – so hope you know, for me, any time spent uploading your pics is more than enough – no matter how far apart – 🙂 Thank you!


  3. Good images can stand on their own. Enjoy your time away from the internet–it’s too precious–and these are inspiring, Bente. I am going for a walk. 😉


  4. Wise decision! As far as I am concerned, time and posts are an eternal issue. Solution I found is posting on Flickr, than developing and writing on the blog when I have more time or/and am more inspired. Your picture make me think of a Grimm fairytale 🙂


  5. Love the forests..anytime…I am spending a part of my summers up in the hills amidst pine trees and hopingvto catch a glimpse of some snow peaks:)pictures when am back…


  6. Oh, I know exactly what you mean Bente! Have been struggling with lack of time compounded by my procrastination myself 🙂 But these beautiful images do not need words 🙂


  7. Fint när din hund kommer med , det gillar jag särskilt.
    Var i skogen igår, vackert på vissa platser, m ganska vått att gå. Hundarna var med.
    Allt gott till dig 🌸


  8. Beautiful spring details Bente! I know exactly what you mean about posts piling up then suddenly it’s winter again . . . . but on the other hand, instagram is so much more mobile friendly than WP. Hope the summer is warmer and dryer for you!


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