Velkommen til sankthansfeiring ved Storsteinen i Selbu.

It has been such a long time, so I need to wish you welcome. And welcome back to the Norwegian nature. From my region, in the middle of the country. This spring and summer (so far) have been the wettest and coldest I can remember. But it is still lovely once you get outside, and are dressed according to the circumstances. The pictures are from the Midsummer celebrations, that in Norway is on the 23 June, and we are always outside, not matter how the weather is. There are some more pictures on this link.

Storsteinen i Selbu lå ved den gamle vegen mellom Selbu og Tydal. Nå er fylkesveg 705 flyttet lengre opp i terrenget. Her var det tradisjonelt sankthansfeiring og andre sommerfester tidlig eller midt på 1900-tallet.


14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. So green and beautiful!
    The Arizona desert has not started getting the summer rains yet. They are late and we are all very worried. Everything is brown and dry, and the fire hazard is great.


  2. Our weather has been the same cold/rainy.. we just get it a week before we send it on to you! 😉
    When I do come to visit, it will be during this midsummer time as it looks so beautiful! The party doesn’t sound half bad either! ! 🍻🍗
    Welcome back!


  3. Lovely to see you posting again, Bente.
    Looks like very nice weather indeed….

    Freezing down under in Melbourne and snow down to 800 metres tomorrow (not my area in the inner city of course, but my brother in the country should get some).


  4. Now, there’s a word that I know: Velkommen When I was a child living among Norwegians and Swedes, I always thought they were saying, “Well, come in.” I suppose the meaning is about the same, actually. The photos are so lovely. Green and cool can be just as nice as green and warm, and these are very inviting.


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