21 thoughts on “Early nights

  1. Nice. We missed the local colors here as we were traveling, but there are still a few. Plus, we saw the tail end of the colors in the New England area.

    And yeah . . . days seem really short with the sun going down at 5:00pm. Even earlier here as it goes behind the mountains.

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  2. The photos are lovely. I don’t mind the shorter days, apart from some purely practical issues. In fact, the lowering sun is providing some lovely light as we move into November, and you surely have taken advantage of it with these images.


  3. Lovely reminders to venture out with a camera if there’s any chance of a little golden light in these darkening days of Winter . The rising sun broke through with a flamboyant blaze this morning and ten minutes later was gone .I fear for the rest of the day Lol
    Out with an enthusiastic friend like yours must surely chase away the blues . Lovely pictures Bente !


  4. The end of the year does bring out these wonderful rich colours doesn’t it – there is something very nice about the extreme change of seasons that you have up there in the north. Beautiful photos Bente.


  5. Beautiful! I can relate to having less time for photos. It’s darker and more often raining. I have been enjoying catching the changing mists that arrive around the mountain in the Fall, and the low angle light brings some rich golds and reds at times. I find I’m taking more photos of indoor events or of warm things like my artistically rendered coffee at the cafe’ yesterday.
    Keep your toes warm Bente, and a happy season to you!


  6. Beautiful Bente! We must take every chance we get. It’s so grey in Cornwall at the moment.. The rain stops just as it gets dark and starts again at first light.. 🙂


  7. Beautiful and serene. Here in Virginia it’s that dark by 5:30 now. I suppose you are compensated for your dark autumn afternoons with bright sunny summer evenings. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your place with us.


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